You will need
  • - cardboard of A4 size;
  • pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - candy;
  • - Scotch;
  • - spruce branches;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - grated white foam;
  • - tinsel;
  • Sol.
Candy tree can beautify kitchen. Its length will depend on the height of the cone, so choose cardboard or A4 size paper.
Draw a circle with a compass or draw around the edges of the plate with a pencil, dividing into 4 parts. Cut out the circle, cutting one side along the radius to the center. Connect the circle into a cone and tape the edges.
Now grab different candies and around the cone, starting from the bottom of the base, attach the candy with tape, leaving no empty space. Then over them 2 build a number of candy, and at the top instead of the stars you can join with a bunch of 3-5 candies. Candy tree fruit can be made in another way, when the cone stick skewers and toothpicks glued candies wrapped in shiny wrapping paper, tree branches, apples, tinsel.
Make a snowy Christmas tree for the bedroom or hallway. Spruce branches, brushed with PVA glue, sprinkle liberally with grated foam. Carefully put in a vase and let it dry off on top and decorate with tinsel, snowflakes, rain.
To create artificial snow on pine branches in a different way. Lower branches for at least 6 hours in boiling brine (pounds of salt to 1.5 liters of boiling water) and move to the cold.
Make Christmas songs for bedrooms. A basket with low sides, lay pine branches with candies, oranges, tangerines, rain, tinsel, pine cones, and can be put on top of the snow a small branch (dip them in water and then dip it in the sugar). Composition can be created in a dish, glass, box, fir, based, decorating the capacity of green and snowy branches, citrus, apples, toys, tinsel, candles, pine cones, decorative items.
The Christmas tree can be decorated original toys that you can tie and starched, felting of wool, to prepare salt dough or papier-mache, to decorate old bowls, made from paper or beads. The main thing is to decorate the house in accordance with his desire and new year mood.