Advice 1: How to decorate a hall for wedding

The design of the hall – perhaps one of the most important stages of preparation for holding a memorable celebration. The place for the celebration depends on the amount of entertainment, number of guests and style of occasion. Hall should not be too large. Best in one half of the room to accommodate Banquet tables and another to hold games, competitions and dancing. After having found a suitable place for the celebration, you have to give it a festive look.
How to decorate a hall for wedding
For decoration of the hall invite the organizer of the festival, which should be entirely responsible for the distribution of guests, the time of the celebration, the ceremony music.
It is best if the wedding will take place in the hall of the restaurant or cafe. The entrance to the wedding hall can be completely closed with garlands of balloons, painted with greetings. Groom like a true knight and a gentleman should make the way through the balls and hands to bring his bride to the hall where they are met by relatives and friends.
In that part of the premises, which hosts dances and other entertainment actions, make a slideshow, which shows his childhood and teenage years of the bride and groom with the comic or philosophical comments. You can do it using pre-prepared discs with recorded photos.
There are a few variants of wall decoration for the newlyweds:
1) twisted arch of balloons;
2) a bouquet of balloons from the ceiling, from which drop colored ribbons to the table of the bride and groom;
3) the decor of colored tulle on the wall;
4) according to ancient Christian tradition and with the consent of the owners on the wall strengthens icons, decorated with folk embroidery;
5) two big wreath, made of flowers, superimposed one upon the other, - is the symbol of engagement rings.
The other wall of the hall, you can decorate posters with comical drawings, flowers, depicting doves, rings and hearts.
The organizer of the celebrations usually advises hosts to seat guests taking into account their interests. Each chair attach a balloon with the guest's name. Chairs adorn patina whose color matches the color of the bridesmaid dresses, plume, shoes.
The charming decoration of the festive table, the responsibility for which rests entirely with the owner. Delight in the memory of guests will leave fruit abundance: skillfully made the flowers out of watermelon, grapes, kiwi, apples, etc.
At weddings you can use and custom decorate the festive hall. But this requires agreement with the host, because the style of the decorations should be conducted and the entire wedding. For example, if the toastmaster, waiters, musicians, and even guests wear costumes, the walls are decorated with the appropriate attributes.
Special you can decorate the first dance of the bride and groom. Dance floor decorated with flowers in the shape of a heart. Farewell dance should be held there, but instead of flowers – garlands.

Advice 2 : How to decorate a room

Holiday celebration was a joyous event for people. In the world there are many different celebrations. But the most common are - New Year, specific calendar days (March 8, 23 February, birthday, and, of course, wedding... an Integral part of the holiday are not only tasty treats, fancy clothes, beautiful makeup, but also the decoration of the hall. You can decorate not only the room but any room, office or apartment.
How to decorate a room
You will need
  • For the decoration of rooms you need balls.
  • Balls - is the most common decoration.
  • They can be inflated with helium and ordinary.
  • Fabric - it adds a lightness and sophistication to the room. It all depends on what material you choose (organza, chiffon, satin).
  • Decorate the room can be all kinds of decorative materials.
  • The richest decoration is flowers, such as roses.
Any room, no matter whether it's a Banquet hall of a restaurant or dining room - must decorate. Decorations to support the atmosphere of the holiday, the mood of the guests. When you decorate the hall - do not forget about your imagination, and most importantly, the sense of proportion. If you decorate the room with balloons, choose a more suitable colors which would go with the room. But, the main thing that the balls are not merged with him in colours. The simplest decoration is the balloons inflated with helium, which is run under the ceiling across the hall, and tables make the song "fountains". "Fountain" can be made of three, five and more balls. If you want something more original, it would depend on the occasion. There are many types of decorations for weddings, children's parties, New Year.
If you want to decorate a wedding hall, you can make not only various "fountains" on the table, but helium chains above the main table (this table sit the bride and groom), the shapes of the balls (swans, hearts), as well as letters.Can be hung with drapery of various delicate translucent fabric. Close by chairs and tables. Sometimes doing floral decorations. Arranged around the room arrangement of roses, lilies. Put the flowers on the main table at the entrance, you can do a whole arch of flowers!For children of the same holidays decoration with flowers and fabric will not work. Kids love everything colorful, bright, and most importantly to this play. Therefore it is best to make shapes out of balloons: it is possible to realize any favorite toy. It will be a very large, bright, easy and convenient when you transfer. For example, you can make a clown, a big fabulous octopus, striking car, any fairy tale characters.
New Year. This holiday is for absolutely everyone: from the child until an adult. Usually in the New Year put the Christmas tree. Decorate them with different materials: Christmas decorations, ribbons, candles, garlands, tinsel, streamers, "rain". But you can exercise your imagination and decorate with snowflakes, which you'll be able to make colored, shiny paper. Christmas hall can be also decorated with colored tinsel to throw on the floor balls. Thereby will create a fabulous mood.
Useful advice
If you do not have time or you do not have the skills to design rooms, you can contact the dedicated Agency, or Studio where you will not only help you to choose the decoration, but also to make the hall itself.
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