From back pain great a variety of ointments and gels, as well as some pain medication, but the most effective and quite useful in this case is a back massage and cervical.

This type of massage allows you to return a good mood and the opportunity to enjoy a full life, getting rid of the tormenting pain. You need to remember before conducting a special therapeutic massage, you need to consult a specialist to determine the exact cause of back pain and neck.

Focus therapeutic massage of the back and neck

Therapeutic massage is different and is assigned depending on the diagnosed disease. To diseases in which massage shows include: low back pain (including its various complications), scoliosis, arthrosis, arthritis and intervertebral hernia. When the disease osteoarthritis, back massage and neck helps to improve the microcirculation of lymph and overall circulation, as well as significantly relieve pain and help to restore the spine in a fairly quick time.

When joint disease (osteoarthritis) of the procedure this massage will help to prevent the development of muscle atrophy and relieve from severe back pain, increase joint mobility and develop contracture. Scoliosis, lateral curvature of the spine, in these cases, massage helps to remove the curvature, strengthen and maintain muscle tone, in addition, to significantly improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

Procedure, therapeutic massaging with arthritis (which can occur due to various injuries, infections, and diseases of the nervous system) also can effectively block the pain. And in case of intervertebral hernia massage allows you to completely get rid of the pain, slow the progression of the disease and to support strengthen the back muscular corset.

The technique of the therapeutic massage of the back and neck

Neck massage carried out in sitting or standing, back - lying on a flat surface. Most importantly - try to straighten the body: if a person is sitting, the legs should be bent at the knees strictly at right angles, and in the case of a standing position put them at shoulder width. Body mass need to try to evenly distribute on both feet.

First massage shall not exceed 15 minutes and then it can be done over a long time. Each exercise should take about 2-5 minutes. Before massaging necessarily lubricate the skin with olive oil or moisturizing cream.

First, spend massaging the back of the neck. Put the fingers of both hands on the end of hair growth, at the level of the spine, and to do the stroking, flowing movements from top to bottom, gradually increasing the pressure force is not the skin. Then right hand and her side, to stroke the neck so, as before, but turn the hand first touch the little finger and then thumb). All the movements make the top and to the waist of the person.

Massage front of the neck begin a light stroking. With one hand take by the neck and drive it up then down. Then with your fingers make a circular motion across the front of the neck, being careful not to touch this vein and carotid artery. Then again, gently probing the skin while turning his head away from massaging. Massage is done with the same light strokes as in the beginning.

Next step put your fingers on the line of the neck and gently in a circular motion to massage the neck. First, from ear to ear and then from top to bottom. Pinch the skin on the sides of the line of the spine and gradually postupyat her, sinking to the waist. Then these same sites stroking fingers.