In the guise of the stylish women there are no minor parts, and only the hair belongs to the almost Central position. Hair color and haircut can literally reincarnate the person of an inconspicuous housewife can get a spectacular lady. Adequately to choose a hairstyle can be based on the face parameters, as well as drawing attention to the type, the rate of hair growth and color.

In addition to the shape of the face should pay attention to the clothing style you most prefer. Agree that chaotic short haircut not to be combined with the classic style of clothing. Of course, if you are ready to leave for new hairstyles from their favorite wardrobe, this will not be a problem.

Haircut for round face and thin hair

When selecting a haircut, usually pay attention not only to personal requests because any hairstyle some celebrity may not completely go and spoil all the impression. Picking up the hair, special attention should be paid to hair, especially their quality and the structure and format of the face. Then the haircut will best emphasize all the advantages and will be the subject of admiration of others.

If your hair is thin, it makes sense to focus on the eyes to correct defects of appearance, if any. Highlighting the depth and color of the eyes, selecting the best color for hair, you can pin the image of a good haircut. For each hair type has its own rules for haircuts – that is appropriate for thick and dense hair, is absolutely incompatible with fine and soft hair.

The main emphasis during the round face make for a visual change in the shape of an oval face, namely, on its elongation. This can be done by using separate strands, or randomly scattered around the face, or descend on his cheeks. An important emphasis belongs to the bangs, which may be elongated, straight or oblique, but always uneven, as if torn edges as distracting from the face a rounded shape.

The secrets of

The masters-the professionals there are many intricacies and trade secrets that provide the desired effect. Slightly raised the hair on the crown in the Commonwealth with extended bangs with jagged edges, and trimmed with ladder hairstyle will help to achieve a stunning effect.

Kare for many years holds the palm among haircuts with kruglyashi and thin hair type. Its extra long or straight shape superb job of masking the flaws in the appearance and underline the obvious advantages.

Special attention is given to the ladder as a way of cutting hair. Thanks to him, some strands almost randomly placed in the cheeks, masking those unwanted centimetres that make the oval into a circle. Cascade haircut for the same reason, also resides at the peak of popularity, but given the fact that it is made for medium length hair and so that is on the same line as the lips began the cascade.

In such cuts there is a lack of volume in the cheeks, allowing you to visually narrow the face. Beautiful effect and light hair. In this case, flowing tresses divert the attention from the shape of the cheekbones. Knowing the basic rules and nuances can be successfully adjust the face shape to emphasize the dignity of and become the owner of stunning hairstyles, underwhelming for others.