To once again figure out how to get a haircut, for a start, ask yourself how much time you are willing to spend on styling and do you have all the necessary tools.
In addition, consider how often you want to visit the hairdresser, because some haircuts quickly lose their shape and the hair is often trimmed. Short hair will look perfect, if you go to the master once a month, survive without long hair and two or three months.
The most important factor in the selection of haircuts to take into account the structure of the hair. Refrain from long, if you have light or thin hair because they will look rare. Such hair is a straight and layered hairstyle that adds volume. If you have thick and coarse hair, ask them to give you a haircut that will reduce their "weight". Don't keep your head cleansed very short, because the hair will look sticking out.
Determine your face, stand in front of the mirror and removing the hair. There are soft and hard types. The first are face oval, round, pear and heart; the second is triangular, square, rectangular and diamond-shaped.
Remember that you will have to decorate such a haircut that best accentuate the advantages of your facial features and smooth out or hide imperfections. It depends on what is considered aesthetically ideal oval face shape, when selecting hairstyle, try to imagine how to put your hair to "build" the appearance of an oval. Ie, round face, the haircut should visually lengthen, wide at the top, hide under the hair, and the lower part extend; a square can be mitigated, giving it a roundness with bangs or curls, etc.
The type of hairstyle to choose, given the influence of the environment. So, if you live in a humid climate, any hair can look fluffy and greasy, if your location has frequent dust storms, the hair will often be washed in cold to wear headgear, etc.
Keep in mind that your lifestyle is also an important condition for the selection of haircuts. If you live at work, sophisticated styling, which requires much time and effort is clearly not for you. Physical labor or sports will also affect the appearance of hair. Choose something that will allow your hair to look well groomed in any situation.
Coming to the beauty salon, don't forget to bring photos or clippings from magazines with examples of haircuts that you like. In this case, you, first, don't have to explain "on fingers" what do you want to get on the head, and secondly, you will have the opportunity to discuss with the hairdresser of the various options and really find a haircut that suits you.