Female beauty is not only well done makeup, clean skin and fashionable clothes, but also good posture that influence gait and health. But some professional occupations, unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits can affect your posture negatively. And formed bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle since childhood when my parents were busy working and children focused to watching television and playing on the computer. But with a strong desire posture can be corrected in a later age.

The effect of posture on health

All the internal organs and tissues in the human body need two main things – full servatii and normal blood supply. Oxygen and all the nutrients getting into the bloodstream, spread to vital organs and tissues in the nerves there are electrical impulses that affect production of energy.

If tissues or organs are not received by one of the above factors, they will be much quicker to wear out and degenerate. When bad posture in human nerve trunks and blood vessels are pregatiri, in the end, worsens the blood supply, innervation occurs, and muscle spasms.

Furthermore, with bad posture, there are other problems:

impairs digestion;
- weakened muscles of the abdomen and chest;
- there are serious problems with breathing;
- deteriorating health in General.

How to improve your posture and learn how to keep your back straight?

For a start, during the walk you need to spread and retract the shoulders, then you need to constantly monitor this process. If control such as on a subconscious level is hard, the first time you can wear a special belt from the stoop, but it needs to be chosen correctly. Three times a week to perform simple exercises to strengthen back muscles, which will also help to improve posture.

In Soviet times the doctors recommended to install on the head of heavy books, like encyclopedias, and walk with them through the entire apartment or house. When performing this exercise, the back must be kept straight, only then the books will not fall off while walking.

Another useful exercise is that you must stand against the wall or other vertical surface, to cuddle up to her, squared his body. To stand in this position, you must for ten minutes, and repeat the exercise every day.

During a trip to the store to distribute the products evenly in two bags, each hand had the same weight. All of these simple rules and tips will help you maintain good posture.