You will need
  • -gravel
  • -sand
  • cement
  • -mixer
  • -prefabricated shuttering
  • -fittings
During the construction of the houseand of reinforced concreteas conventional construction of any material first pour the Foundation. It needs to be tape and high tensile strength, as concrete walls are heavy construction. Deepen the Foundation below the level of soil freezing, set the formwork and install reinforcement cage. Pour the Foundation above ground level by 50 centimetres.
Basement with monolithic structure is not set. Give time for typesetting the strength of the Foundation about 4 weeks. Install the formwork and begin pouring concrete walls.
If you want to make the walls higher strength, optionally install reinforcement cage. The formwork should be installed not higher than a man. Two days after pouring the first flight around the perimeter of the formwork can be disassembled and install the above. The most suitable modular designs that can be purchased at any hardware store. Can use and formwork made of planks yourself, but this process is very long and time consuming.
A mixture of sand, gravel, cement and water should be mixed in a concrete mixer and do such density that he could complete the reinforcing structure. Take only the sand river and is best to additionally sift through. The aggregate should be sharp-edged crushed, not river pebbles, which have smooth edges. It gives less grip, and the monolith turns out not so strong. The cement used is of high grade. Ratio: 1 part cement, 3 parts sand and 5 parts crushed stone. Pour water gradually so that the solution was thick sour cream.
After the construction of monolithic concrete houseand it immediately must be covered on the outer side of insulation materials. If this is not done, then the walls in the first winter condensation and your interior finish will be ruined.