Remember that your friend is an adult, even if you feel that she's such a child. External humility sometimes hides a strong character. Look closely at her closely, is she ready to be your Galatea?
If you are sure that they can do the Pygmalion role, think of a plan change, which won't touch dignity your darling. Maybe she will willingly obey you, because many girls dream about the men taking on themselves the solution of their problems.
Remember that your wishes should not humiliate the girl. How could you not want her to become a blonde, and shoes replaced high heels, these solutions can only take the girl. To make such claims in a mild form is not forbidden, but to insist on a radical change of image is not worth it. Look for a compromise. She also will comment to your appearance. Make concessions to each other.
Not saying that waiting for her submission, directly. Also, do not compare your beloved with her friends not in her favor, no need to set an example to your ex - girlfriend. This will only anger the lady. Expressing a complaint, start with praise. Note that it is definitely beautiful. But is it so openly flirt with men? Surround her with attention and she will only look in your direction.
Fleshing out his claim. For example, you don't like that it comes too late from work. Learn why it's delayed. Explain that worry. Talk about your feelings and not demand that she became a housewife. But if this is your secret dream, look for opportunities to increase revenue. Convince her that if your earnings she can travel all year round, not to miss in office Windows on the building stock.
The girl obeyed you in everything, show her the benefits of such provisions. Explain that relying on your tastes and preferences completely, she will live, like a stone wall. Solve a couple of its pressing problems - she will understand that you certainly will not get lost.
Remember that achieving complete submission, you are just depriving the girl of the right to vote and assume full responsibility for her life. If you need a friend who is just your reflection?