How to properly iron men's shirts

The process of Ironing a shirt, whatever its color, texture and size begins with the sleeves and collar. The collar is ironed on both sides, and at first this is done from the inside, and then from the front side. The iron must move from the corners to the center. When the collar is ironed, take it to the ends and pull slightly to the side, which allows to remove all the creases.

Then move on to sleeves. First iron both sides of the cuffs, first the wrong side, and then the front, carefully avoiding the buttons. Below the buttons are not melted or was pushed into the fabric, it is desirable to cover the gauze. After cuffs you can move on to Ironing the rest of the sleeve, moving from shoulder to cuffs along the fabric fibers. Otherwise, over time, the thing out of shape and stretch. To avoid the shooter on the sleeves of their stroke better on special planks or a little pillow stuffed inside the sleeve. Such a pad can be done independently of the folded in the form of a rectangle large towels – it is also suitable for Ironing shoulders.

After the collar and sleeves, you can go to the shelves. Start with the right flooring, carefully avoiding the area of the buttons. Special attention should be paid to pockets and valves. Similarly, the iron left a shelf, carefully paving the area of the hinges. Completes the process of Ironing back.

How to properly iron a man's shirt, depending on material

Cotton, flannelette, linen and flannel shirts need to be ironed at a high temperature with lots of steam. Especially, it relates to a dry or badly pressed shirts. Silk or shirts with the addition of the synthetic iron in the second mode, using almost no vapor. Synthetic stuff is good because Ironing is almost no need – they are easily straightened if to hang them on a chair or coat rack. If necessary, iron them on the lowest temperature, no steam.

How to iron a man's shirt without an iron

There are situations when you want to pet the thing completely unconventional way, when you have a hand of iron. For this stavroula shirt smooth on the table or any flat surface and lightly sprinkle with water. Then slightly pull it in different directions, smoothing the fabric, allow to dry. If the shirt jammed in one place, then do the same procedure locally. Heavily creased shirt can go in the bathroom and include there the hot water, closing tight the door. Under the influence of its own weight it lies flat. If the thing is creased from lying in a suitcase, you could just put it on the man and hold on to it with wet hands.