Features hats, crochet

Beautiful summer hat crochet is one of the most fashionable hats. They allow you to hide the face and transform your look to bring in a special charm. The main thing here – to choose the right style and size of this accessory, and with self-knit hats – and even to be creative.

Create summer hats using the hook is not as difficult as it may seem. At least no harder than knitting a napkin. Decorate made by hand accessory is by using ribbons, beads, brooches, etc. If you tie on headband hat neckerchief, you can very quickly make it a part of beautiful female attire.

Fashion trends

Crochet summer hat for women today is presented in a huge variety. With curved or straight fields with low or high crown, various in color and style – they are all very beautiful and worthy to become an exclusive thing in a woman's wardrobe. However, particularly noteworthy are the classic and simple headgear, with a variety of patterns. Such models in 2014 are especially popular.

Fashion will once again be wide-brimmed and cowboy hats unusual square shape. They will definitely attract to its owner the attention of others, will allow her to create original images and to look unique in any situation. Will continue to be in demand summer hats for women pictures nautical theme, animal prints, colors leopard and Zebra. Such models emphasize the presence of good taste, will serve as a pretty decoration will be a great addition to almost any outfit.

Stylish fashionable women's hats with brims and without them, knitted columns or tracery of a viscous, and will not lose its relevance. They are represented in the collections of many modern brands are striking precision of form, delicacy of pattern, its beauty. They are especially good if made from "Lily", "iris" or cotton yarn. Incredibly well complement the image of his mistress, to make him a special and irresistible charm.

Summer hat with a wide brim or without a special occasion porukodelnichat, to acquire useful and wonderful thing. This seemingly insignificant accessory will protect your head from the sun, will make you a Paragon of femininity and tenderness.