Knitting the bottom and crown of the hat

Crochet summer hat you will need:
- 100 g of fine cotton yarn;
hook №1,5.

Start from the top. Dial a chain of 12 loops and roll them into the ring. Next knit in a circle. In the first row proverite 3 air loop lifting, then 31 column with nakida, promazyvaya them evenly in each loop stacked series.

Second row and each subsequent start three air loops for lifting. Next knit in a circle by columns without nakida 9-10 rows (depending on the size of the head). From the ninth to the eighteenth rows knit columns without nakida without additions. As a result, you should get the cap. Try it on your head and then davaite if necessary, to the desired depth of the hat and try again detail.

Knitting fields

Next, proceed to crochet field cap. For this run of addition. Provarite one air loop lifting, make 35 columns without nakida back loop of the previous row, add a single loop in the following way: provarite 2 column without nakida in one wall of one loop of the previous row. Then knit another 35 columns without nakida and make one connecting column. As a result, in this row only you should have 74 stitches.

In the next row, make increases every 5 columns of the previous row. Provarite one air loop lifting, then make 5 columns without nakida in the next loop provarite 2 column without nakida in one wall of one loop of the previous row, repeat so until the end of the series (just need to add 11 columns). In the end, this series should be 86 loops. Next row knit without of increases. Then do the addition every four loops. Then again provarite a row, not adding, and in the next, add on every 3 column. Thus get a hat with a narrow brim. If you want to more provarite several rows, making allowances, as described above.

The last row tie lobster step". This binding is typically used to make a beautiful end.

How to make a hat shape

To give the hat shape, you will need to starch the product. Dissolve a tablespoon of starch in a glass of cold water, then add the solution into water and stir. The number should be such that it can fully soak in the liquid hat.

Put in a starch solution of the product and hold it for a few minutes. Hat remove, slightly wring out, without twisting, to remove excess liquid. Immediately put a wet product on disc. At home it can replace the three-liter jar. Let the hat dry completely.

Adorn the fields of artificial flowers, made of fabric or related with a hook. You can also decorate the hat with a bow, sew original buttons or glue rhinestones.