Copper products have a unique charm, which allows their use not only directly, but also to please the eye. For example, trays are often used not so much as a kitchen utensil, much as decoration. One drawback is that copper cookware may become dark or covered with a greenish tinge.

Why dark copper cookware

Remarkable beauty copper tray may faithfully serve you for many years, but when the content in the air its surface acquires a green tint. Looks like this RAID is very ugly, and a little toxic. It happens so because of the influence of the air material.

Air is a mixture of gases besides nitrogen and oxygen, it has and carbon dioxide and little water vapor, and hydrogen sulfide. Such content promotes the formation on the surface of products from copper black or green patina. Green patina – hydroxide-carbonate of copper is a substance, which composition similar to the mineral malachite.

Than to clean the tray out of copper

Antique copper trays can be cleaned the same old way: cut a lemon in half, RUB the surface of the tray, a little walk is not very hard brush and rinse it with water. Brightening product make a mixture of vinegar, flour, salt. This mixture is often called "vinegar test"; to prepare it immediately before use. Apply the "dough" on a tray, allow to dry and wipe with a soft cloth or brush.

If the tray is old and very dirty, may help the following composition in hot water to dissolve a bit of detergent applied to the surface and briefly leave alone. Then scrub, rinse and dry. Another option is to boil the vinegar, place the product, add a couple tablespoons of salt. You then need to leave it to cool down, after which the tray brush, rinse with water and wipe dry.

Shine brushed copper tray you can Polish it with the crumpled ball of newspaper in the old days was so clean window. Be careful using this tray to place food on it for status goods made of copper, which comes into contact with food, it is necessary to watch especially carefully. The action formed on the surface of copper products plaque similar to rust. If the copper has acquired a gray-green shade, to his ochisheniya product use is not worth it. The risk of falling into food, toxic substances of plaque, which is then transferred to the body.