Advice 1: How to clean copper products

Products from copper, whether antique knickknacks decorative items or coins, or utensils that are often found in our lives. They are able to give the interior a simple luxurious aristocratic appearance, but also completely spoil the impression, if they look dull or greenish. There are many folk methods of cleaning of products made of copper, and methods used by professional restorers.
How to clean copper products
If we are talking about items or a large part of the decor, and there is no way to remove them from the wall or placed in a container, it is sufficient to RUB the surface of the object with half a lemon, brush and then rinse with water. To bring products Shine RUB them with mixture of salt, flour and vinegar and then Polish with a soft cloth.
If you have a house utensils of copper, closely monitor her condition became gray and green with copper becomes toxic, its use for cooking is not recommended, it can cause substantial harm to the health. If it's already happened, better to just leave them as decor items. The easiest method of cleaning of copper - just to put it in very hot water with a detergent, a little RUB and rinse with clean water.
A very old and highly contaminated copper products can be put into the vinegar solution with the addition of a small amount of salt and bring to a boil. When the product has cooled, it should be rinsed in warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
If you are going to clean coins, or Antiques, with, perhaps, a considerable value, is to listen to the professionals. First of all look at the character spots.Bright green deposits can be removed by placing a subject in a ten percent solution of citric acid, it will dissolve the plaque and not damage the product.Plaque is a yellowish color is formed due to contact with lead, but it easily removes regular deleteproperty vinegar.Plaque reddish color is removed, omitting the subject in a five percent solution of ammonia or less aggressive carbon dioxide ammonia.To bring the products more marketable and presentable appearance, professionals advise to apply a faux patina. Per liter of distilled water, add fifty grams of copper sulfate (it is sold in garden centres) and five grams of potassium permanganate. Heat the solution a little bit but not boiling, place the subject and sometimes upside down. Having achieved the desired color, stop the process and dry. The effect can be to preserve a protective coating from a mixture of alcohol with benzene in equal proportions.
I hope these tips will help you to achieve natural beauty products from copper.
Gift copper products always look luxurious and ornate, many of them present a beautiful decor. Copper products - the perfect gift for a copper wedding (7 years of marriage). On the inner surface of products from copper covered with the protective layer in order to avoid food poisoning. Copper products successfully fit into the interior apartments, homes and offices.
Useful advice
It has long been a weather vane copper is an indispensable accessory for roofs of all types of buildings, ancient castles and modern mansions, richly decorated with items made of copper, to the most ordinary suburban houses. In the old days the roofs of most homes was headed by the decorative spires that in the form of fine jewelry attached weathervanes of many different types and designs.

Advice 2: How to clean copper

Copper products have a very special energy. They seem to glow from within look warm and alive. Since ancient times, and still people love made of copper utensils, household items, artwork (like paintings on sheet of copper) and decorations. But the trouble is that over time the copper loses its deep lustre, becoming dull and covered in green spots. How to cope with this scourge?
Copper differs from other metals in the warmness of the lights
You will need
  • - personal protective equipment (rubber gloves, protective means of respiratory organs);
  • - rags, brushes;
  • - oxalic acid;
  • - alcohol;
  • - turpentine;
  • water;
  • - ammonia;
  • - Mel;
  • - kerosene;
  • - vinegar;
  • - flour;
  • Sol.
To clean copper items greenish and black, you can wipe them with a solution of ammonia (ammonia), and then rinse in large quantity of running water.
Instead of ammonia you can use the following composition: 1 gram of oxalic acid, 5 ml of ethanol, 1 ml water and 4 milliliters of turpentine. The ingredients are mixed, shake well and then use the cloth is applied to the darkened copper product. In a few minutes the mixture along with the dirt is removed with a dry cloth.
There is another method of cleaning products from polished copper. For this product surface is moistened in kerosene, and then use a wool cloth is rubbed with powder of ordinary chalk.
Acid is the best means to fight pollution, spoiling the view of copper products. A good way to cope with the darkening of the copper surface is to moisten it with lemon juice, and then RUB with a brush.
In the old days to clean the copper used a mixture of vinegar, flour and salt. Copper cookware is cleaned with this mixture it's perfect.
Be sure when working use personal protective equipment such as masks, respirators, gloves. Many of these tools can cause the body harm.
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