You will need
  • - acetic acid;
  • - drinking soda;
  • red brick;
  • - tooth powder;
  • paste the Goyim;
  • - citric acid.
A thin, dark film covering over time, copper samovars, is a product of oxidation of copper. To get rid of her is not easy, but it is possible.Pour into the samovar boiling water or, if the samovar acting, heat the water in it. Prepare a solution of acetic acid (5-10%) and clean them with hot pot. This method is the safest for the samovar, so as not to damage it, scratch.
Use baking soda. Wet a soft cloth rag in warm water, apply a small amount of baking soda on it. Wipe the stained surface of the samovar slowly, lightly. Do not press on the cloth, apply heavy stress, otherwise you'll damage the samovar, leaving it stains and minor scratches.
Follow the example of ancestors to clean the samovar, use finely crushed brick. The smaller, the better. Note that this method is very traumatic for the old copper appliance water heating. On the same principle, you can use normal sand.
To clean the samovar will help and tooth powder. Use the example of baking soda on a soft cloth, apply a little powder and lightly RUB the surface.
Use special tools to clean the copper paste GOI on the basis of chromium oxide, which is suitable for grinding and polishing metals and other things.
If cleaning is required for the inner surface of the samovar, then apply the following method: boil the samovar with water by adding citric acid (for simple dirt 5 g per 10 liters for strong scale - 40 grams for the same volume of liquid). After this procedure, do not forget to wash the samovar to exclude poisoning.
The last cleaning method for the lazy or for those who value antique samovar. Just take it to the experts that have different chemical substances to work with rare things. They certainly will not damage the surface of the samovar and return it to you updated.