You will need
  • -sulfuric acid;
  • -potassium dichromate;
  • -ammonia;
  • -acetic acid;
  • water;
  • -sawdust;
  • -soda ash;
  • protection sunglasses;
  • -glassware;
  • -rubber gloves;
  • woolen cloth;
  • wax or paraffin.
If bronze is not oxidized too much and need to clear only the individual spots on the surface, apply the following method. Clean the item by washing in a warm solution of soda ash. Rinse it with water.
Make a mess of acetic acid and sawdust. When the sawdust will swell, the resulting mass wipe the bronze item using wool cloth. Acetic acid when this corrodes the oxides and sawdust Polish the product. After processing the thing rinse with cold water and wipe.
In case of strong contamination by oxides of the surface of the subject, prepare the following composition. To 1 liter of water take 10 g of potassium dichromate and 20 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid. Pour the solution into a glass vessel up to the top (including the volume of the object). The course will dip into a solution and observe the process of dissolution of oxides.
As soon as the areas of clean metal surfaces, immediately remove the object and place it into the solution of ammonia to neutralize the acid. Then wash the product with water and wipe and dry. Process with sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate requires care and skill not to damage the metal.
After cleaning the bronze, its surface is preferably waxed. This can be done using wax and cloth or alcohol solution of the wax or paraffin. This treatment will protect the object surface from oxidation.