Use and application

It is a plant of the family Asteraceae is widely, but its therapeutic properties sometimes somewhat underestimated due to the fact that the effect occurs immediately, but after long-term use. The people of burdock is often called a Thistle or turnips (to be distinguished from agrimony obyknovennogo, which is also sometimes referred to as a Thistle).

The leaves and tops of burdock drugs harvested in the flowering period, the shelf life is 2-3 years. The leaves are dried in a slightly heated oven or under a canopy. Burdock contains a volatile oil, tannin and pectin, Smalley, protein, alkaloids, starch, sugar, inulin and various minerals. Also, this plant is rich in vitamins C, groups b, E, D and carotene.

Useful properties of the leaves of burdock can be used for different diseases. For example, regular use of the compresses from the leaves of this plant in places where acne and pimples can contribute to a significant improvement of the skin. For best results, you should drink tea from the leaves of burdock.

By the way, regular consumption of this tea will accelerate the treatment of eczema or psoriasis. In a few weeks the effect is obvious. In addition, with the help of tea can improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys, helping to increase the efficiency of removing toxins from the body.

Note that burdock has diuretic effect (strong enough). Due to this, the leaves of burdock are used in solving problems caused by kidney stones, and various inflammations. Doctors recommend the use of this plant in herbal therapies for all diseases of the urinary tract.

In addition, the leaves of burdock can act as a mild laxative, improves digestion and stimulates metabolism. When you receive a sunburn, the skin is overlaid with a mixture of crushed leaves and egg white. The pure juice of the leaves of burdock is often washed wounds, bedsores.

However, we must note that it is not recommended to use this plant as a medicine pregnant or nursing women without consulting a doctor.

A few recipes

To prepare a tincture of burdock, take:

- the leaves of burdock;
- Linden honey – 500 g;
- vodka or alcohol – 100 g

First you need to obtain juice from the leaves. Fresh leaves should be rinsed with clean water and dry with paper towel. Next is to run them through a meat grinder and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. With 500 g of prepared juice should be mixed with honey and vodka. Once the honey dissolves, the tincture will be ready to use. You can even eat one tablespoon three times a day before meals. Keep it in the fridge in a glass bottle. The healing properties will be retained for two years.

You can also make a great ointment for eczema. This will require:

- the leaves of burdock dried;
the flowers of chamomile;
- herb fireweed;
- butter;
- decoction of hay dust;
- glycerin.

You need to take equal quantities of leaves, chamomile, and willow herb (in dried form), all grind and mix. 20 g of a mixture should be boiled in 800 ml of water, add a tablespoon of oil and 400 ml of broth hay dust. Put in a water bath and cook until thick. Then drain, squeeze out the excess water and mix evenly with glycerin. Is a natural and very effective ointment.