The choice of tablet may not be confined to the firm, because the main device is still filling, and not the brand. However, you cannot disregard the manufacturer. Choosing a tablet for yourself, you should pay attention to some proven and worthy brands.

IPad from Apple

Perhaps one of the best companies producing tablets, is Apple. The advantages are not only well-known brand, but in the very filling. First, iPad of any generation has a very powerful battery. Even with active use-battery will last for 8-9 hours. Second, the quality of the image. "IPads have capacitive screens, which not only have good color reproduction, but also resistant to dirt, dust, scratches even without the protective films. In addition, the screens of Apple devices responsive to touch, resistant to fingerprints from fingers. Third, of RAM enough for all applications. Fourth, the iOs operating system. It has a number of advantages over other because it allows you to completely replace the laptop and even desktop computer. Of the shortcomings can be noted is that the high cost of the devices. On the other hand, for the quality worth paying for.


The tablets of this company also have a number of advantages. First, the Android operating system. About its popularity and versatility, however. Second, the quality of the image. Samsung tablets have a very high color rendering. The display matrix responsive, easy to manage. Capacitive screen is resistant to minor mechanical damage. Thirdly, the battery is even slightly inferior to the Apple devices remains strong. Active use is enough for 6-7 hours of work. Fourthly, price. Samsung offers buyers several tablets in different price categories, which, incidentally, does not affect the quality of the work.

Wexler, Explay, Ritmix

Tablets of these firms belong to the category of budget devices, that does not affect their work. For example, among these firms you can choose decent tablet that will not be inferior to brand-name models performance. The only disadvantages are they are not as stylish design, some clumsiness of the individual models, the quality of the image. For example, you can choose a cheap tablet company Wexler, which performance is more powerful than iPad, but much weaker in image quality. Or, for example, in the line of tablet Ritmix there are models which are not at all inferior to the color reproduction of the Samsung tablets, but, unfortunately, have a weaker stuffing (small amount of RAM or a weak processor).