Now no surprise that the user has multiple devices – e-books, phones, tablets filled life. Companies producing gadgets in his struggle for the buyer is forced not only to lower prices but to offer any more powerful than the competition functionality.

Two in one

Take the tablet versatile device that combines almost all contemporary user functions. However, there was a place development. Tablet with phone function allows you to save money of the consumer, combining all the features of the tablet, adding also the possibility of using it as a means of communication.

The battle of brands

For many IT companies this is a real horror – after all, no longer need to buy myself a tablet and phone – easier and cheaper to do it all with one device. So, for example, a giant like Apple, tablets with phone function out. However, their main and permanent rival Samsung, in contrast, does not even shy away from the production of such devices. Moreover, is the sales leader in this segment of the market.

The South Korean company was a pioneer among the world brands, daring to combine the tablet and phone in one device. Then, looking at the success enjoyed by the new gadgets of the connected computer equipment manufacturers such as Asus.

Of Chinese brands mention is made of pretty decent quality tablets from Huawei. The lion's share of sales among tablets with phone function are the models of Samsung and Asus. Samsung Galaxy, Asus Fonepad, Asus Padfone – these devices are acknowledged leaders. However, a small piece of the pie were able to grab some less well-known but not necessarily bad brands: Ainol, HSD and other.

Industry leaders

Industrial group Samsung Group is one of the largest chaebol in South Korea, founded in 1938. On the world market became famous as a manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, high-tech components, audio - video and home appliances.

Company ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (Asus) come from Taiwan – one of the world leaders in sales of personal computers. Is a manufacturer of PC, laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs, optical drives, monitors, computer components such as graphic card, motherboard.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. major Chinese company founded in 1987. Its main specialization is the field of telecommunications.