Start to understand the terminology. It is especially important to know which tablet is good for you. Big or small, expensive or cheap, having access to the Internet using private 3G module or is it enough to have built-in Wi-Fi... in Short, opinions can be as much as the models presented in the salon where you are going for the purchase.
The most popular among most users are models with a screen diagonal of 7 to 8 inches. Such tablets are much more mobile its big and bulky counterparts and at the same time they provide enough comfortable viewing of video (unlike the "toy" is smaller), give the ability to run popular games like Angry Birds, but also with some limitations to browse the Internet. So if you do not plan to make the gadget more serious action, you can stop at the seven - or eight-inch tablet. Well, if you plan to use it, for example, as a complement to an office computer, for example, for word processing and run other office programs, the best choice would be a tablet with a display diagonal of 10 inches.
Now you can pay attention to the price. You can sometimes hear the opinion that a good tablet is bound to cost a lot. In fact, there the quite good device for the price of five to ten thousand rubles, which at the moment can be attributed to the middle price class. They have decent speed, fairly reliable, and allow to run most existing games and programs. However, it should be borne in mind that these machines do not pull two at the same time running resource-intensive tasks, for example, to edit office document in the cloud and downloading a queue with the network Vkontakte. For this you need to look at the gadgets expensive. Very much a budget tablet is extremely short-lived.
The purchase of expensive tablets is justified not always. In most cases you can do a cheap Chinese gadget (not Chinese fake, which are now spread a lot, and branded, branded product from China) that allow you to perform most everyday, not particularly complex tasks that require the most users. But such devices have some disadvantages, the main of which is quite a long run system, after which we sometimes have to wait a few minutes until the tablet "will raskoshelitsya" and begin to work in full force. If this drawback and others associated with mediocre processing power, are an insurmountable obstacle, will have to fork out for the tablet at a price of 15 000 rubles and more.
Determine your needs and the amount of money that you are willing to part, choose a platform and brand. Most of the expensive tablets, like the budget, built on the Android platform. The best of them are products of Samsung, but you can look for products Asus or Acer. Increasingly, there are gadgets with Windows 8.1 — also a good option. Products from Apple have their own platform that is incompatible with Android, so the famous "IPads" — all the gadgets for everybody. Android sounds more familiar platform, suitable for everyday use and for work.