The duration of treatment is not more than a month, so as to oversaturate the organism with vitamins is not recommended. In a year you need to pass three such courses — this will be enough for prevention and treatment.
Fish oil fat recommend that people with severe deficiency, as well As in diseases of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Indispensable this substance is considered in the treatment of rickets and chronic respiratory diseases. The intake of fish fatand significantly accelerates the merging of bones after fractures and the healing of deep wounds. A course of prophylaxis is also recommended for pregnant women and young children, but the dose should be determined by the doctor individually.
The intake of fish fatand is contraindicated in gastritis, various diseases of the liver and biliary tract, as well as asthma. You cannot take this drug and people whose body is overflowing with calcium and vitamin D. it is Not necessary to combine intake of fish fatand with the use of aspirin as this can lead to bleeding gums and open sores.
Dose depends on the origin fatand, which should be written on the package. The cod liver oil need to be taken in small portions. As for the muscle fatand, his daily rate is from 3 to 6 capsules. Take fish oil capsules fatand is recommended before eating, drinking plain carbonated water. Treatment must be combined with taking vitamin E, which prevents oxidation of the fataccumulated acids directly in the human body.