Fish oil is the fat found in fish, and from it get. More of this substance found in oily fish, say mackerel or herring.
Make this fat should only after consulting a doctor. He will select the proper dosage depending on the purpose of admission and age.
Fish oil in liquid form often take one tablespoon several times a day. But the fat in capsules should be taken three times a day one or two capsules with warm water
I have to take it during or after eating, squeezed water or eating bread. If you eat fat on an empty stomach, then be prepared to indigestion.
Do not increase dosage without advice of a doctor, right vitamins more than you need, you still do not get it, but health problems, such as nausea, abdominal pain and other things.
For consumption it is better to choose yellow fat. It is completely a natural product unlike white or brown fat.
Fish oil is contraindicated for people allergic to fish, as well as thyroid disease and kidney suffering from gallstone and kidney stone diseases. Please refrain from eating, if your body improves calcium and cholesterol.