In order to get the right amount of maternity leave, you must be formally employed and wages must be paid officially, and is not divided into wages, passing tax accounting and individual, issued in envelope. If your firm everything it is so, then the state will return to the employer only the money that is taxed. And it is unlikely your employer will want to pay you the difference from these amounts. So, getting the black wage is not in your favor.
Paid maternity leave is 126 days. If the birth was complicated, there is an additional 14 days. The added sum is paid after delivery. In order to go on maternity leave will receive a certificate from a doctor of female consultation. The certificate is issued the special sample and is given for the thirtieth week of pregnancy.
Maternity allowance is not taxable. So count salary plus taxes. The tax is 23%.
For the calculation takes the average wage (plus taxes) for 6 months. Considered premium, and holiday pay. Not considered sick leave, the time spent on it, discarded from the sum calculation.
Count the amount of money that you get for example the salary of 10 thousand rubles. His salary multiply by 23% (e.g. 10000*23% obtained a salary of 12 thousand 300 rubles).

12300-salary for the month, it must be multiplied by 6 (for 6 months calculated the amount of maternity leave), is the sum of 73800.
This amount divide by the number of calendar days that were over 6 months (e.g. 6 months, there were 183 calendar days).
8*73800:183 403 turns of the ruble 28 cents. It will be the estimated amount in a single day of maternity leave.

9*126 days (such amount to be paid on maternity leave) multiplied by 403 ruble 28 cents (calculated amount for one day of the payment), is the sum of 50 thousand 813 rubles 28 kopecks. The same amount you will pay for maternity leave.