In Russia the production of sachets was engaged grandmother. They collected aromatic and medicinal herbs, dried them and used as filler for pillows. Perfume plants, helped better and sleep better, calm headaches and nerves. In Soviet times, to give a smell things in the cupboard have put a flavored soap.

Modern sachet comes in many shapes and sizes, and it also has the smell and type of fabric. To avoid wasting money and time looking for, make sachets with your own hands.

What to fill the bag

This files most often for filling sachets using herbs, flowers, spices, orange and lemon peel, and essential oils. All of these ingredients can be purchased in specialty shops or to collect yourself. Note that to gather the flowers have the early morning in the first days after they blossomed. In this case the sun time to dry them and to deprive a pleasant aroma.

Making a mixture, to examine the characteristics of herbs. For example, lavender and lemon balm have a calming effect, relieve headaches and stress. It is good to use for aromatization of linen. Citrus invigorate, while coniferous relieve obsessive thoughts. Such mixtures will set up a working mood. Try to avoid or use minimum lilies, lilies of the valley, Jasmine, daffodils, cherry. The flowers of these plants can cause a severe headache.

Most often to flavour clothes, use rose, lavender, mint, lemon, rosemary, root of violet and ylang-ylang.

How to make sachet

Choose fabrics that are well ventilated the air: cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, burlap. Sachets, Packed in synthetic bag, will quickly lose their flavor.

Cut the fabric into a rectangle 10х33 cm Fold it in half wrong side out, sew the top and side edge stitches tight to make a pouch. Remove the workpiece through the remaining hole.

Before you pour inside the prepared mixture of flowers and herbs, make sure all ingredients are well dried. Otherwise your bag will smell is not a pleasant aroma, and a smell of mould. If desired, put a few drops of essential oils (lavender, verbena, mint, orange) or rose oil. A reinforcing effect has crushed violet root. Paste it at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 25 g of dry mix. It will make fragrance sachets more persistent, it does not kill him.

Once the filling is ready, tightly tie the pouch satin ribbon, lace or leather lace. You can decorate it with lace, beads, beads or stripes.