Causes catarrhal gastritis

Catarrhal gastritis is observed in superficial inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. The basic cause of disease is considered to be food poisoning. The inflammatory process can be triggered by ingestion of food contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. It may be stale or poor quality food, held insufficient heat treatment before use.

Taking certain medicines can also cause the development of catarrhal gastritis. The symptoms arise in the first place, the abuse of antibiotics.

The common causes of catarrhal gastritis include errors in diet: adhering to a strict diet involving severe restrictions in food, regular intake of spicy, salty, hot food. Alcohol also triggers the development of inflammatory processes in the stomach.

In some cases catarrhal gastritis is only a symptom of the General destruction of the body. For example, the signs observed in individuals exposed to radiation.

The symptoms of catarrhal gastritis

The disease develops rapidly, within a few hours. The symptoms of catarrhal gastritis include:

- acute pain in epigastric region;

- nausea;

- burp;

- increase in body temperature;

- headache;

- increased salivation;

- dryness, sour taste in the mouth;

- white tongue coating;

- lowering blood pressure;

- lack of appetite.

If the basis for the development of disease is food poisoning, the symptoms can achieve: frustration of a chair, twisting pain in the abdomen, flatulence.

Catarrhal gastritis is always accompanied by a violation of the digestive function of the stomach manifested by nausea, to more severe cases, vomiting of undigested food.

Signs of disease observed within 2-3 days, then the patient's condition improved immensely.

Treatment catarrhal gastritis

Treatment of gastritis begins only after identifying its causes and accurate diagnosis. The priority actions include gastric lavage. If the basis for the development of disease is food poisoning, the patient shows sorbents – drugs that reduce the harmful effects of toxins on the human body.

To prevent dehydration during a severe vomiting is appointed rehydration therapy, involving intravenous saline infusion. Avoid dehydration also helps to drink plenty of liquids.

As auxiliary treatment catarrhal gastritis used painkillers and antibiotics. Antibiotic therapy is indicated in case if the basis of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach lies a bacterial infection.

The course of treatment lasts no more than weeks. In the absence of timely assistance, catarrhal gastritis becomes chronic.