You will need
  • - decoction of flax seeds;
  • - a decoction of rose hips.
For the treatment and prevention of relapse of superficial gastritis, it is important to Follow a diet based on the consumption of heat-processed food that will not cause further irritation to the gastric mucosa. You should exclude the broth and meat broths, spicy, salted, pickled foods, plenty of vegetables rich in fiber, since this food is, in itself, adversely affect the gastric mucosa, causing the release of large amounts of gastric juice. Also do not overuse the dishes of fresh milk, it is better to use low fat dairy products in moderation.
Should give up bad habits - Smoking, alcohol, which provoke the release of juice from the cells of the mucosa. You should also try to avoid the neuro-psychological overload, adversely affecting gastric secretion.
Food must be fractional, frequent, food should contain a sufficient amount of essential nutrients. You can use various dairy products, cereals, and pureed soups.
Application envelop funds, antacid drugs it is better to negotiate with your doctor, but if it is impossible to get medical help immediately, you can accept "Maalox", "aluminium phosphate gel", "Almagell" – drugs that bind gastric acid and have a protective effect on the mucous membrane.
For the treatment of superficial gastritis and warnings of his attacks you can use the tools of folk medicine: a decoction of flax seeds, a decoction of rose hips, finished dosage fees, which are sold in pharmacies.
If the diet and the acceptance of traditional medicine have no effect or minor, be sure to consult a General practitioner or a gastroenterologist and have a complete course of laboratory and instrumental studies, which will allow accurate diagnosis and a variant of gastritis. Depending on this, and will be assigned to treatment.