Advice 1: How to determine the style and type of text

Styles of speech are called varieties of language that result from differences in speech situations and the basic functions of communication, the messages impact. Depending on the content of the narrative our speech is divided into three type: description, narration, reasoning. To determine the style and type of the speech should establish the scope of communication, to analyze the linguistic means used in the text, and describe the content of the literary material.
How to determine the style and type of text
You will need
  • - linguistic dictionary;
  • - analyzed text.
Start a style definition with specifying the scope of the text and its main features. • Scientific style is used in scientific articles, textbooks, lectures, reviews, etc Such texts provide information about the phenomena around us and "fed" the material from a scientific point of view.• The official style used in the sphere of legal relations, office, industrial, diplomatic. Its main function is information message. He is stereotyping the construction of the text when writing various documents, regulations, instructions, etc• Journalistic style is the style of Newspapers, speeches on topical socio-political issues. In works of journalism usually put two objectives: informing about certain social phenomena and a concurrent impact on the reader or hearer.• The art style used in works of fiction and is intended for imaging and emotional-aesthetic impact on the reader.• Conversational style is the style of colloquial speech, i.e. its main function is to ensure communication between native speakers. In written form it exists in works of art for the transmission of dialogue and speech characteristics of the hero.
When determining the style of the text , consider its linguistic features. Scientific texts full of special vocabulary, terms, words are almost always in direct value to avoid ambiguity of interpretation. In the documents of official-business style of a lot of words and phrases, which are called kantselyarizmami and attach textm prescriptive, for example: it is necessary urgently to prepare for the expiration, without appeal, to consider in the established order, etc. In the lexicon of journalistic style many turns socio-political nature, in the syntax used exclamation and imperative sentences. Characteristic language technique of artistic style is the extensive use of words in figurative meaning to create an image and emotional and evaluative words to Express the author's position. In a conversational style in large quantity are used in spoken and colloquial vocabulary and structure incomplete sentences.
When determining the type of speech, consider how you "served" the content of the statements. If the text tells about the events, following each other actions is narrative. In the descriptive textx refers to the simultaneity of the manifestations of the signs of objects, phenomena or actions. For reasoning is characterized by the presence of statements (the thesis), which should prove, argumentation framework with actual examples.
As a special type of speech stands out assessment of reality, which is expressed adjectives, nouns, status words, combination of words of type "well!..", "what!.." etc.

Advice 2 : How to determine the genre of the text

Literary genre is a class of texts having a similar structure, content, limit variability. There are many genres of text, and you need to know their characteristics if you don't want to make the wrong choice type.
How to determine the genre of the text
In order to properly characterize the text and to relate it to a specific genre, carefully review the product. Think of it amuses you, or frustrating, conveys the feelings of the author towards his characters, or just about any event, the main character is struggling with insurmountable circumstances or with ourselves? If you will be able to understand the text, you can easily find its literary genre.
There are three ways to classify the literary genres. They are grouped according to the form, with the result that there are such types, as a play, story, novel, essay, story, ode. The play is a creation of the writer, intended for the execution of the scene, a story, a small narrative piece in prose. Roman, as a rule, differ from story its enormity. It tells about the life and development of personality of the protagonist in the crisis period. Essay – a type of story characterized by the absence of a single conflict. The novel is a prose genre, which is the volume between the novel and the short story, which tells about the vicissitudes of life of the protagonist.
If you want to determine the genre of the text in its meaning, it is necessary to know the following classification. All texts can be divided into three categories: Comedy, tragedy and drama. For Comedy characteristic humorous or satirical approach. The tragedy is based on the development of events, having, as a rule, inevitable, and lead to unpleasant consequences. The plot of the drama, usually built on the description of the life of man, his relationship and conflict with society.
Were typed the genre of a literary text can and his family. In this category emit epic, lyric and dramatic works. For typical epic narrative of the events supposedly occurred in the past, it is characterized by objectivity and impartiality. Lyrics plays subjective feelings or mood of the author. The plot of the drama built on dialogue between the characters.
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