This style otherwise you can call the belles-lettres style. It is used in verbal and artistic creativity. Its main goal – impact on feelings and thoughts of readers and listeners with the help created by the author of the images.
Art style (like any other) involves the selection of language means. But unlike the official and scientific styles widely used all the richness of vocabulary, particular imagery and emotional speech. In addition, he uses different styles: conversational, journalistic, scientific and officially-business.
Features the artistic style of particular attention to the accidental and the particular, behind which are visible the typical features and images of the time. As an example, recall the "Dead souls", where N. In. Gogol portrayed the landowners, each of whom is a personification of certain human qualities, but they all together represent the "face" of nineteenth-century Russia.
Another distinctive feature of artistic style is subjective time, the presence of the author's imagination or "pravosoznanie" of reality. The world of a literary work is the world of the writer, where reality is presented through his vision. In a literary text the author expresses his preference, rejection, condemnation and admiration. Therefore, artistic style characterized by the expressiveness, emotion, metaphor and diversity.
To prove the artistic style, read the text and analyze the language used in it means. Pay attention to their diversity. In literary works use a large number of trails (epithets, metaphors, comparisons, hyperbole, impersonation, periphrase and allegory) and stylistic figures (anaphora, antithesis, oxymorons, rhetorical questions and appeals, etc.). For example: "the man with a nail" (litotes), "the horse runs, the earth trembles" (allegory), "from the mountains ran streams" (personification).
In artistic style is evident ambiguity of words. Writers often reveal them with additional values and meanings. For example, the adjective "lead" in the scientific or journalistic style will be used in its direct meaning of "lead bullet" and "lead ore", in art is likely to act as a metaphor for "the twilight lead" or "lead clouds".
Reading the text, pay attention to its function. If conversational style is used for communication or communication, formal and business and science are informative, and the art style is designed for emotional impact. Its main function is aesthetic, which governs all aspects of the language used in a literary work.
Determine the form in which the text is implemented. The art style used in drama, prose and poetry. They accordingly are divided into genres (tragedy, Comedy, drama; novel, novel, picture, poem, fable, poem, etc.).