Primarily Virgo, born in the year of the Rabbit or Cat is the person who is very greedy for knowledge. It's still in early childhood will differ thirst for reading books, study, knowledge of all kinds. For such a person it is important to use its capabilities to the maximum, putting the different experiments and not stopping in the process of self-development for a minute. These virgins especially are discipline, concentration and great care, turning into a pedantry that can even be considered boring. The main features of Virgo-Rabbit is intolerance of the chaos in all its forms, a man always dressed, trimmed and combed very carefully.

In Virgo-Rabbit, everything is spotless and perfect, but without unnecessary frills - the ability to carry on a conversation and hold yourself, manners, speech, clothing style, perfume and cosmetics. Particular attention often is paid to the selection of shoes and headgear.

Feature for women

Rabbit-Virgo is logical, smart, has a great care and cleanliness, and demands the same from his family and colleagues. She has, as a rule, in everything and everywhere, perfect order is in my thoughts, and things both at work and at home. Order the work is done with great precision and care, having always and everywhere thanks to very high self-discipline and internal organization. All plans, private and entrusted in the service, execute it on time and exactly as needed. So Virgo-Rabbit is always in good standing from the teachers at the school and ending with his superiors in the service. Career-to call it impossible, however, and she sits at home rarely, preferring to support themselves, while not slinging too much responsibility.

In his personal life makes partners large requirements, starting with neatness and tidiness, and ending with the financial independence and high intelligence. Unlikely to lose their minds from the senses to the man, treating non-reciprocal sympathy and a broken heart philosophically. This is a noble and sensible woman, incapable of meanness and intrigue.

Feature for men

This person surprised her poise, the peaceful and soft, calm character, he is not particularly active in the areas of his life, preferring self-development promotion society. Well can manifest as a midlevel Manager, or the head of a small Department. To power, this man is not torn, symptoms of luxury he, too uninteresting, much higher he values inner calm and confidence that this peace no one can break.

The excitement this man is quite unusual, as the act he was used slowly, according to a predetermined plan and doing everything slowly, thoughtfully. Rabbit-Virgo is lost in an unfamiliar setting, most likely, will not react properly in an emergency. Everything new, unusual and unknown attitude he is more cautious and distrustful.

Relationships with the opposite sex a Rabbit, virgin most often idealizes, mentally attributing your sweetheart such features and so making excessive demands that result remains for a long time alone. Gifts usually chooses wisely, pragmatic and practical, but it does not skimp, and these things are the result of faith and truth can serve several generations.