Ingredients for the dough

Yeast dough is prepared from different ingredients. Unchanged are three: yeast, flour, and eggs. Further variants are possible: prepare yeast dough in the water or use fresh milk. If you want to make pies from sour dough, to cook it is necessary for dairy products – yogurt, whey, sour milk, sour cream. In the dough to taste, add salt and sugar to rise yeast. Fresh dough prepared without fat. To butter add margarine, oil or butter.

Recipes dough

For unleavened dough 700 g of milk, water or dairy products added 1000 g of flour and 50 g of yeast, 2 eggs, 10 g salt and 20 g sugar.

For pastry is the same amount of milk, sour or fresh, and the flour can take the three eggs. Salt and yeast the same as fresh. If fresh milk, 20 g sugar, too, If sour – 40 In the pastry for this amount of ingredients you put 300 g of margarine or butter. You can add 120 g of vegetable oil.

Preparation of yeast dough

It is possible to prepare first the dough. That is, to knead the yeast with the water (milk), flour, sugar and salt and allow to stand overnight. The dough during this time should rise 3-4 times and it must be upsetting. After that add remaining ingredients in following order – egg, margarine (oil). From the test molded patties and placed on cookie sheet. They need to give more time to approach and you can bake.

The second option is faster. Stir yeast in warm water or milk (half a slice), which added the entire sugar regulation. To allow the yeast to come. Then the eggs are whipped with salt, add milk and flour, butter and pour the yeast. Kneaded the dough. He should get to come once. Then sculpt cakes, wait until they will fit on the baking sheet and bake.

Cooking pies

Before you mold the patties, you need to prepare the stuffing. It may be different, sweet and savory. To savory stuffing is not dry, it is fried in vegetable oil onions. The stuffing should be allowed to cool down below it was warm.

Roll the dough into a large pancake using a rolling pin and divide into circles (cut with a Cup or glass). You can not roll, but rather shape the dough into a sausage, then cut with a knife and a piece on the palm to make it a kind of pellet. One hand is placed a disk of dough in the middle of the stuffing. Edge siplivaya between fingers, and the pie is crimped on all sides between the palms.