You will need
    • milk;
    • sunflower oil;
    • eggs;
    • wheat flour;
    • yeast;
    • the sugar and salt.
Heat 200 ml of milk, add 70 grams of yeast, mash thoroughly. You can use dried yeast for this you need one small bag. In a bowl thoroughly beat two eggs with salt, sugar and three tablespoons of vegetable oil (sugar and salt, add to taste). Whipped the mixture into a bowl add milk and yeast. Mix well all the ingredients, should get a homogeneous mass.
Thoroughly sift flour, pour it in a pile on a large cutting Board or into a voluminous bowl, in the center make a hole. Slowly, in small portions pour back the mixture, continuously stirring it with flour. So that the dough does not stick to hands, moisten them with water or brush with vegetable oil.
Turn batter in any bowl or pan and place inside the larger container, for example a basin. Carefully pour into the gap between the walls of the tanks the hot water so that the dough is in a water bath. Can do otherwise: to shift ground in a thick plastic bag, then for more reliability in one package. Tightly tie off the neck and place in a pot of hot water. Of course, bandage the neck so as to free space, because the dough should visibly increase in volume. After about twenty minutes, take out the received weight from the package. The dough can be immediately used for the preparation of pies.
These proportions are rather relative, because different flours in different ways absorb liquid. If the resulting dough seems too liquid, add some flour; if too thick – add some milk and knead again till the formation of the consistency that you find optimal.