When the grapes are watered, its powerful roots go down in search of moisture, the plant is able to feed himself. However, this does not mean that irrigation is necessary to forget at all. It needs to be, but, first, moderate second, correct. With frequent watering, roots develop grapes in the horizontal plane close to the surface of the earth. In winter, when freezing they can just die.
With large areas of vineyards, watering plants produce in a mechanized way. Pre-between the rows with a plow lay the furrow, and then from the sprinkler through a hose run water. Filling with water the furrow, move to another square.
On small garden plots, where lies a vineyard with a small number of bushes, watering is made under the scheme. To irrigation to give maximum benefit to the plant, while planting of the vineyard to plant the right grapes.
The planting hole size 30х30х30 cm arranged in a row. The bottom of the pit poured broken brick without any residual mortar, brick sprinkled with a layer of clay and sand, fall asleep on top of garden soil. Seedling together with a lump of land set in the planting hole and cover with mixture of garden soil with ash. On the surface of the left basal trunk with two kidneys. Basal the earth formed as a plate and pour water directly into the bowl.
In the spring, when it disappears the risk of return of frost must be removed from vines winter cover from the cold. Tie vines to the trellis and can produce the first spring watering. To do this, around the plate, make several shallow pits, where, and pour in the water.
The second time the plant is watered for two weeks before flowering of the grape. The third time the watered plants when the ovary grapes are being peas. As soon as the berries begin to acquire color, watering needs to stop.
If the grapes are watered during the ripening of berries, they will get watery and unsweetened. In the fall two weeks before the grape vines insulated from the winter frost should be the last autumn watering grapes.
Typically, such a irrigation scheme observed for table grapes. Perhaps the use of such irrigation schemes for young bushes of grapes of technical grades. Adult bushes are the technical sorts of grapes watered only once in the fall.