The care of grapes in the spring

Despite the fact that each variety has its own characteristics, there are General guidelines for the care of the vineyard. As a rule, grapes are grown on a trellis, which it is supposed to fall off and cover the vine with spruce branches. After the snow melts in the spring it is necessary to examine the tapestry and, if necessary, repair them. At this time it is important not to lag with the removal of spruce branches to prevent waterlogging and vyprevaniya vines. Remove the cover while raising the temperature to -5oC. Special attention should be given to the soil around the bushes, because the standing water in the roots is unacceptable. To avoid this, you need to plant trees on mounds or high places. After removing the cover you should carefully examine the bushes to remove the damaged shoots and tie up the vine.

The next stage – the processing of planting grapes from diseases and pests. If the shoots are found to be outgrowths of irregular shape, they need to be cut and burned and the wound process 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or 5% potassium permanganate solution, and then to gloss over the garden pitch. Then you need to reduce watering sick plants and suspend all feeding.

Also at the same time should be treated bushes from fungal diseases: Botrytis, Anthracnose and mildew with a solution of copper or iron sulphate. All such treatments should be. The second is held in mid-July. After the start of the growing season you need to make under bushes simple complex fertilizer at 5-7 g/sq. m. and loosen the soil surface.

To save the plants from spring frosts will help the drug "Appin". It should be dissolved in water according to the instructions on the package and spray the bushes. This drug operates for 10-12 days, protecting the plant from damage by frost.

Care of the grapes during the summer

No less important is the care of the grapes in the period of pouring of hands. An important step is the formation of the vine. Appearing during the summer stepchildren need time to break down, leaving each of them 2 sheets. This must be done in order not to weaken the plants and to give the crop an opportunity to Mature. It is also necessary to limit the growth of the vine at the level of 160-170 see If this is not done, you may lose part of the harvest and the vine will go into winter unprepared.

During this period, the bushes need enhanced feeding: infuse mullein solution 1:5 by adding superphosphate (30 g), nitrophosphate (20 g), 50-80 g of wood ash per 10 liters of water. All feeding should be completed before mid-July. They can harm the maturation of the vines. In severe drought the bushes need watering, but in the second half of the summer, all watering stops.

Throughout the season you need to inspect the leaves on the bushes. At the first appearance of a white or gray fungal plaque is an urgent need to carry out a second processing of copper or iron sulphate. Throughout the spring and summer season is to weed and loosen the soil under the bushes.