New time – new ratings

In 2011, within the investment banking project GSAM was used to study the economies of different countries. After analyzing the various indicators, the study team came to the following conclusion: the usual division of countries into States with developed and developing economies obsolete.

The leader of the group of GSAM, Jim O'neill said it was time to offer the world a new model in which a leader will take the state, showing a steady increase in GDP. According to this rating, the most developed economy in the world is the economy of China shows a 15% increase in GDP annually. Following China are Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, UK and Italy.

The "big seven"

However, most researchers agree that it is necessary to apply the classical approach to the analysis of macroeconomic indicators. There are the "big seven" States do not want to part with their leaders ' positions. They have achieved the best results in terms of development of economies, technologies, industries and science. Industry Canada, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Germany, the UK produces 80% of the world's output, and it is necessary to be considered.

Many of us used to be considered the most developed country in the world USA. This is not surprising: the state holds its position now with a little over a hundred years. Recently, however, the US economy has suffered greatly. The economic crisis and the steady increase in the GDP of developing countries has led to the fact that the United States began to take their positions. By 2011 the public debt of the United States made up of 15.33 trillion dollars. Despite such indicators, the United States is considered the leader in terms of innovative technology development.

Ranking by income per capita

The Netherlands is one of the most developed on the planet countries, from the point of view of social policy and income per capita. In recent decades the state has experienced several periods of decline, but at present the economy of the Netherlands can be traced a steady growth. Today the country occupies the leading position in the rankings, taking into account the level of development of the energy infrastructure and network technologies. In the Netherlands, produces high-quality equipment for telecommunications systems and other purposes.

In Qatar, nobody is in a hurry. And what's the hurry: the country is the richest in the world, due to the presence of rich deposits of gas and oil. The state ranks 3rd in the world on stocks of gas deposits, 6 – on gas export, 21 export of petroleum products. Beautiful, magnificent country, whose population knows nothing about unemployment.