The easiest way to straighten hair at home is to use raschetka in combination with a Hairdryer. A large round brush and pull the wet hair and lock in this condition with the help of hot air. After the procedure, apply to strands styling. Hair will stay straight for about a day.
The second method, available in the home, is the use of a flat iron for hair straightening. The apparatus is heated to a certain temperature, and then, strand by strand, using it processed curly hair. When choosing a flat iron should pay attention to the surface – not to burn the curl, it needs to be ceramic.
If your hair is twisted only a little, maybe you should try one of the professional means to care for them. Most of today's shampoos, masks, conditioners and balms possess rectifying properties.
A more radical method is the straightening in the salon with chemical composition. Hair is handled with chemical substances, penetrating deeply into their structure, thus become straight and manageable.
Bio-hair straightening – a new word in the fight against curls. The basis of the method – processing of the amino-acids cysteine, penetrating into the hair shaft and changing its structure, but without affecting the chemical elements. But not in a hurry to run to the hairdresser – this method is not cheap, and its impact on the hair are still not understood.
The most natural, but short way is to use natural hair masks. To prepare this mask you will need a mixture of Cup of fresh coconut milk with lemon juice that stood in the fridge before the formation of cream layer. You need to apply this mixture on the scalp and wrap a hot towel. Then the mask should rinse and comb wet hair. If you repeat this procedure for three weeks the hair in a natural way straight.
You can use hair straighteners warm oil it to heat up a bit, apply on scalp and leave for a period of 15 to 30 minutes, wrapping your head in a warm towel.