In order to straighten hair without Curling irons, try the following recommendation. Your hair will stay smooth and silky, if you will properly take care of it. Individual attention to hydration. Each time before executing the styling sure to wash your hair with a special moisturizing shampoo. Complete procedure balm or air conditioning. This will help to protect the scalp from drying out and will contribute to hydration, and therefore the weighting of hair. As a result, the hair will stand up straight under its own weight.
Do not try to straighten your hair immediately after washing. They should be slightly moist. If you use a Hairdryer and brush, comb, wet locks can become lifeless, brittle and dry from such a large number of evaporated moisture. To avoid this, after washing for 10-15 minutes wrap head with a towel. During this time, all excess moisture will leave your hair.
For hair straightening the best fit for the various serums and sprays. Good result you may not produce foams and mousses. Because of their texture they are not only heavier, but also glue the strands. Apply a spray or serum to slightly damp hair. Carefully spread over the entire length. Take a wooden comb with a few teeth. Divide her hair into strands. Comb them. The effect will not keep itself waiting long.
You can also try to straighten your curls using a special round brush and hair dryer. Take a small strand. Wrap it in a brush. Then turn on the Hairdryer and under the hot air jet is carefully pull. Many girls and this method of rectification considered harmful. However, it is not so. When choosing the right brushes harm to the hair and you will not put. When buying, pay attention to the pile. It must be natural. In this case, the structure of the hair don't get damaged. In addition, don't dry locks vplotnuyu. This will lead to damage and dryness. Between the hair dryer and hair to the minimum distance should be 10 cm.