Play opposites

A short dress with an open neckline visually trims the figure on the shoulder line and the hip line. These dresses can wear only tall and slender women. In order to shift the focus and make the silhouette more harmonious, designers recommend to choose hairstyles long, flowing hair. If you chose a short dress with closed bodice and collar, then tease the hair high, make a bun, Babette, a bun or high ponytail.

Of course, the hairstyle should be chosen not only based on the length of the dress. You must consider the reason: the same hairstyle is not suitable for business meetings and nightlife (unless short hair). Try to think your way before you leave the house. It is unlikely someone will appreciate the carefully laid and decorated with flowers and sequins hair in combination with a light summer dress. Some professionals suggest to play on contrasts: choose light outfits elaborate hairstyles and carelessly to dissolve the hair bright and showy dresses.

If you prefer a custom dress, then you can choose the hairstyle in aggressive style. A large amount of hairspray, hair, braids or curls will help to create an unusual image. Skirts, tutus, dresses in military style or retro perfectly with bright with integrally colored strands, carelessly stabbed with a shell, asymmetric beams. Moderate the abstraction in this case seems to be appropriate.

Wedding hair styles

The bride opting for a short wedding dress, most likely, is independence. Wanting to create a relaxed look, the girl breaks with tradition and goes against public opinion, and therefore the hairstyle she must select accordingly. Best suited for short wedding dress, hairstyle with her hair. If desired, the locks can be screwed or a little lift, or, conversely, to straighten the pad, and dissolve on the shoulders. Very long hair is better to style as something different, as in combination with a short dress, they can change the proportions of the figure are not for the better.

No need to try to stand out in your wedding day due to the intricately arranged hair and an abundance of accessories. The bride is always the center of attention, so the aggressive style of this day is to forget. Classic short dress goes well with traditional styles of baskets of ears, beams, shells. You can decorate your "work" a string of pearls or a small tiara.