Advice 1: What style of clothes suited to a short haircut

Short hair is convenient, though, and makes to go to the hairdresser. But the ritual of trimming is also good, it helps to feel some relief, psychological comfort. With matching short haircuts and clothing is not so simple.
What style of clothes suited to a short haircut
Sports style — that unconditionally is combined with a "boy" haircut. Jeans, skirts and vests of denim, shoes on a solid sole, this is as practical and also fit into the modern concept of "unisex".
Rock style choose young and desperate, they are leather jackets and pants in the rivets look organic. Even with chains. Yes, romance does not live here, but the abyss of sexuality is present!
Vanguard is another area of contemporary youth fashion. Bright flashy clothing bold experimental cut and short haircut with asymmetry of lines — looks great!
"I'm your guy!" — I think this call was ready to throw naughty girls more like boys. Men's shirts, sweaters, pants and the ubiquitous slip-on shoes. For some reason sometimes this style is called "Dandy", but really, the term is not the same.
"Twiggy" or "Teenager" — another youth style direction. Dress like "boys" in the example above, but it is more fragile girl, with the image of an innocent vulnerability.
Business lady — another pole, but extremes meet: this is another image where this hairstyle will be quite harmonious. Strict office dress code does not involve the participation of flounces and ruffles, variegated color, and in this aristocratic minimalism, short haircut at home.
Casual — casual wear, but elegant enough. A relaxed and unpretentious way, the haircut complement each other.
Formal a toilet or the image of Chanel: it seems that there is a short haircut inappropriate. But things may be harmonious, if the hair is not is simplistic. The stylist will always find an option that will suit your type of face, hair, pick the perfect color. And most importantly: the concept of "short hair" — a wide range of hairstyles dozens of species. The most stylish will fit into an evening outfit and even become his "crown".
Little cocktail dress — a youth version of the outfit for parties. And then you can be elegant without worrying about the presence of lush hair, high "architectural forms" on the head or long hair. It is appropriate to smooth hair without fantasies. And if you pick up a cute handbag, clutch, jewelry or pearl jewelry, you will be irresistible!
Need to know a few little secrets that will help to make a short cut is attractive. It exposes the defects of the skin that are not so visible under the cover curls. Messy, shaggy eyebrows, too, will at once be evident, like a long massive earrings. Open face requires care and minimalism in jewelry.

Advice 2 : How to get a haircut for the summer

Summer is a time of change, when I want to be transformed and to fully experiment with their look. It is easiest to change the image using the new trendy haircuts. One trip to the hairdresser - and a good mood for the whole summer you provided! It only remains to know which haircuts match the fashion trends this summer season.
How to get a haircut for the summer
So, in this season the preference is given to careless hairstyles and natural styling. When you look at your hair others should be feeling like you just got out of bed. To radically change the way you allow "torn" haircut that looks great both on short and long hair. Ragged haircut can be absolutely asymmetrical, and styling you need just wax or foam.
If you have long hair and to say goodbye to the length you are willing, you can make torn asymmetrical haircut on long hair. On the back of the head hair can be cut short and highlight the brighter strands. The person you can retain your length, and the length of the strands can be totally different. It should be noted that the asymmetrical, ragged haircuts look best on straight hair. The owners of wavy or curly hair will have to use the pad.
Another fashionable hairstyle this summer season is the Bob. The distinctive features of the bean is clear graphic lines that seem to frame the face. Bob or Bob in the summer season this year must have long bangs that reach the eyebrows. If the fringe does not suit you, you can replace it with long asymmetrical strand, which will hide the cheekbones.
Owners of long hair can also update your haircut with thick bangs. It can be as perfectly flat and sloppy asymmetrical. For long hair this season will be especially good to look ragged outer curls and soft waves.
As for the hair color, the stylists do not push colouring special requirements for the season. We need only repeat that the fashion for all natural sets natural hair color at the forefront. That is why many Hollywood fashionista this season repainted in its natural color.
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