No, no, no! You're not going to be a dumb persistence and you will ruin an important photo shoot in life, selecting the wrong packing. Moreover, pick a hairstyle for the prom dress can be in accordance with the leading fashion trends.

If you decided to stay on the straight and elegant long dress to the floor, select the same styling: calm and aristocratic. For example, ask the master to collapse of hair "shell" or unusual fashion beam. Shocking addition can serve as a beautiful decorative barrette.

In the presence of long hair and want to be more original, simple dress of any length, you can create a hairstyle-a cascade. It is made of two tails assembled one above the other (the first one is very high on the top, the second below). Then the strands are twisted shipname and fixed by small pins. Curls-tips gently down on the shoulders.

To the prom dress "a La the '60s" (a corset and full skirt knee-length) it is best to choose a hairstyle with curls. If your hair is not very long, focused on Marilyn Monroe. This image will not leave indifferent any of your classmate. Also perfect updo in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

Extravagant mini best complements hair "good-girl": a braid wrapped around her head. After weaving a little puff on it, giving the image a kind of Bohemian. You can also choose this hairstyle, along with her hair) if you plan to wear a dress in Grecian style or a wide sleeveless "like a hippie".

The most difficult hairstyle for prom dress, oddly enough, flowing hair. It will combine well with a floral dress in the style of “baby doll”. But even in this situation it is better to abandon them, because prom is quite a long event. Flowing hair will quickly lose the beautiful appearance will start to tangle and will look unpresentable. To keep them in their original state, often raschesyvaemost and apply a bit of thermal water. As an alternative to this perfect addition variations Babette (like Brigitte Bardot).