Pediatricians recommend to enter the yolk in the diet of the baby from 5 months for iskusstvennomu", from 6 months for infants.
The yolk is a strong allergen. If the introduction of complementary foods fruit vegetable mashed or complicated by Allergy, the yolk enter very carefully.
Eggs should be fresh. Before cooking be sure to wash the egg, check it for freshness. To do this, dip the egg in cold water: if it floats up, or will stand upright, throw away without regret. Cook egg need 10-15 minutes. The child can be given an egg boiled just the "hard-boiled".
The yolk must be carefully separated from the protein, which for children under the age contraindicated. Mash the yolk with breast milk or formula milk. Give your baby the yolk in the morning before the main feeding. The first portion of the yolk should be at the tip of a teaspoon. During the day watch the reaction. If all went well, next day portion may slightly increase. So gradually, year of the child can be given half of the yolk.
Introduction in the diet of the child of the yolk provides the growing body with proteins, fats and vitamin A. the yolks contain almost all the essential minerals: iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus.
If the child's yolk was not to taste and he tries to spit it out, mask the yolk in other products. It can be given for lunch, mixed with vegetable puree.