Cheese from homemade yogurt

Homemade yogurt makes a delicious low-fat children's cheese, which still retain all the beneficial bacteria. You'll need 3 jars of freshly made yoghurt and two pans of different sizes for the water bath.

Fill a large pot with water and bring to the boil. In a smaller pan pour all the yogurt and place it in a large setting medium heat. Wait until you see the serum. Then begins the most crucial moment. Care should be taken with a spoon or wooden spatula to push the yogurt from the sides of the pan to the center, thereby ensuring its uniform heating. No need to do circular movements or stir.

When yogurt is heated to 60 degrees, turn off the heat. It is important not to overdo the milk mixture, as heating to high temperatures will kill beneficial bacteria. The temperature is better to check with a thermometer. If not, then remove the pan from the heat after about 10 minutes. Do not tell to disassemble a water bath, leave the yogurt in the pot for another 30-40 minutes.

Remove the upper pan with liquid cheese. Bottom drain with warm water and pour it cold. Hold the curd in a cold bath for 20 minutes.

Drain cottage cheese in strainer, place in refrigerator and let the whey drain out. After about 10-20 minutes you can already take the finished curd for infants. Grind it to a strainer to avoid lumps.

Cheese from the children's yogurt

To get 100 grams of cheese takes about 600 grams of baby yogurt. Meals can be prepared in two ways.

The first option is the same as the cottage cheese from homemade yogurt. The difference lies only in the result, as the curds from the kefir will be more acidic, which may not suit the baby.

You can also put a package of baby yogurt in the freezer overnight. After it's frozen, put the ice in a strainer and allow to thaw. In the end there will be only cheese that has a mild flavor. This cooking method is very simple, so suitable for busy moms.

Curd from milk

Is obtained from milk fresh cheese.

It is not necessary to use naturally soured milk, as in this case, the yogurt may form harmful flora. This cheese can cause poisoning, therefore, to give his baby is impossible.

To prepare the cheese needs by adding milk oxidizer. As the oxidizing agent suitable lemon, baby yogurt or calcium chloride.

Cottage cheese with lemon. Squeeze of lemon tablespoon juice. Boil milk, remove from heat and add the lemon juice. Milk mixture will start to split into curds and whey. Cool this mixture, then drain in a strainer.

Cheese from milk and yogurt. 600 ml of milk will require 200 ml baby kefir or homemade yogurt. Bring milk to boil, add the yogurt and remove from heat. Cool and drain in a strainer.

Calcined cheese. This method of cooking is recommended for infants who need extra calcium. For example, fast growing teeth doesn't close the Fontanelle. It should be strictly dosed and enter the child only as directed by your doctor. In 600 ml of hot milk add a tablespoon of calcium chloride. Stir well. Do not overdo it with preparation, not to get bitter cheese. Put the mixture in a cold bath, then drain in a sieve.