In this article we will talk about the know-how of modern civilized society polyphasic sleep. There are several techniques of polyphasic sleep.

Consider one of the techniques, equipment polyphasic sleep, entitled "Siesta". In General, polyphasic sleep is a sleep in several approaches. Most of us are used to sleeping only at night, go to bed at ten o'clock and rise at seven o'clock in the morning. Because from time immemorial so happened that the man got up before dark to have time to redo everything and works until sunset, since the human eyesight is absolutely not adapted to the dark.

Not yet been invented electricity and other benefits of the modern world, had to obey the conditions of nature and daylight, which she did. Now that we have everything we need, so as not to abide by its rules, how we love, is it possible to change your sleeping habits? Everything is in our hands, if we remember that sleep is still necessary.

Not so much needed rest to our body, how our brain to reboot all the thinking processes and stable emotional state. If you break the dream in two approaches in terms of "Siesta", it turns out that the need for sleep is reduced to night sleep duration in hours and sleep for one and a half hours in the afternoon, you will be able to sleep after work.

Sleep after a day of work will allow you to reset the accumulated daily stress, allows brain and body to unload. The main night sleep will give your brain at the genetic level to perform all the regenerative processes, including to the body, will give the main supply of energy. Many of the great minds of our planet has been practiced since ancient times and continue to practice different techniques of polyphasic sleep.

And individual equipment "Siesta", in my opinion, the most easy to use and suitable for different types of people, whether it's "owls" or "larks". If you have broken down, the sleep schedule you irritable and you find it difficult to concentrate on your mind, try to structure your vacation by using one of the techniques of polyphasic sleep. Try to start to set up an experiment, and you will be surprised how you will all miss the strength and energy.