Remember how in the childhood parents told you that stay up late is very harmful. While growing up, every smile knew that it was just a Ruse to mom and dad, the ultimate purpose of which was as soon as possible to put the baby to bed and finally go about their business. However, most contemporary researchers and physicians are of the opinion that late is bad actually. How can this be explained and what is the best time to go to bed?

How harmful to the body late bedtime

Proved that the cells of the brain and Central nervous system the most effectively restored natural way in the case if the person departs to sleep no later than 21 hours. The perfect time for them to rest is from 9 to 11 PM. From 23-00 to 01-00 the unloading and restoring tired the day of the muscular system of man. Finally, the emotional background becomes normal by morning, those people that sleep from 1 to 3am.

Thus, if a person ignores the signals of his body and not going to bed until 11 PM and, importantly, doing it systematically – over time, the sharpness of his mind is reduced. Deteriorating concentration, increasingly memory serves, and as a consequence, over time the person becomes worse than the intellect. Constant wakefulness in the period from 23-00 to 01-00 over time leads to the fact that prematurely wears out and starts to hurt the physical body of man. Finally, the "owls" who do not leave to sleep until three in the morning, more than any other people prone to sudden mood swings and hysterical reactions even on the most insignificant matter. This is the clearest way demonstrates a high level of stress experience such people.

In what is the best time to go to bed

Of course, modern urban dwellers cannot afford to go to sleep immediately after sunset – so, as did his ancestors, although this alone would have saved him from many health problems. In fact, you can go to bed no later than 22-23 hours to spend on sleep not less than 7-8 hours daily, then the body will have time to recover and the person will feel. If your routine of sleep and wakefulness is very different from this, then immediately start to modify it, otherwise problems can not be avoided.

Women, however, men, too, should not forget that youthful skin, you need to go to bed before midnight. With 21-22 to 24 hours, provided that the person is fast asleep in a dark room, his body actively produces substances that contribute to the preservation of elasticity and overall skin tone. Thus, early bedtime – this kind of investment in their youth and beauty.