With the birth of a child to achieve adequate lactation for the mother becomes a priority. In the pursuit of extra milk in the course of going and doctors ' recommendations, and advice of grandmothers. Common efforts achieved the desired result and everyone is happy: the child well-fed and gaining weight, mom is relaxed and happy. But suddenly there comes a time when mom for whatever reason can't feed the baby, and there's a new problem: how to get rid of breast milk.

Gradual weaning

Great if the child himself refused the mother's breast. But in cases when weaning from breastmilk takes place involuntarily, and mom and baby were experiencing severe stress and a lot of worry. To reduce the level of pain, the experts suggest gradually prepare the child. This should eliminate one or two daytime feedings and replace them with other foods. Also try not to give the breast at night if the baby cried, and try to soothe him in another way.

It has long been observed that often the baby suckles, not because they are hungry, and boredom or feelings of loneliness. It is therefore necessary that he was busy all the time. More play with the baby, walk in the fresh air, read books, etc.

To the body also began to help you stop completely Express milk after feedings. In addition, it is better to limit yourself to a warm drink. And to prevent clogging of the breast and to avoid mastitis, it is necessary several times a day to do soft breast massage.

In some cases, when none of these measures do not help and the milk keeps coming, gynecologists can prescribe special pills to reduce lactation. It's hormones, so they can have contraindications, before using the mandatory consultation with your doctor.

People's ways of getting rid of breast milk

Since ancient times, women used the ability of the herbs to stop hot flashes breast milk. It is possible that in our time, some people's wisdom will help to ease the pain of this process.

- Fresh leaves of mint infusion to drink half a Cup half an hour before meals for several days. Also used an infusion of sage leaves.

- Milk will be less if applied to the chest cabbage leaf.

- Eating onions and garlic spoils the taste of milk. "Tasteless" is the milk the baby will no longer suck.

- A cold compress helps from stagnation of milk.

Also people used tight tug of the breast. Some women today use this method, despite the disapproval of doctors who believe that this method eventually leads to complications.