The competition is A really very big. Even in the smallest sections of your ad can shift to the bottom in just a few hours. And in the big cities page commercial themes are updated several times a minute. The effectiveness of such ads gradually tends to zero. For example, the announcement in Moscow was upstairs for about 10 minutes and managed to collect about 30 hits.

It is noteworthy that reload the same ad to the same user. Therefore it is necessary either constantly to use a pay raise, or to check other accounts. However, the second is available only to companies as per the rules of the resource is written that repeated registration of one and the same person is prohibited. Therefore, to profitably promote my ad, requires the participation of several people.

The advantages of premium placement

However, you can pay a certain amount and make a premium placement. Your ad will be located at the top of the page for a certain period. Allegedly administration of the resource, it is able to increase the number of hits in twenty times. In practice, however, the same announcement in Moscow was viewed 730 times. As you can see, the result is much higher.

In addition to a premium placement ... offers and other paid services that allow well to increase the number of views. For example, underline, increases this figure by 3-5 times, and VIP location at all 10. You can choose the best option by reading detailed explanations and checking their profitability.


For example, if you just want to sell the old furniture, then you do not need to spend big money for views. It is better to ask your friends or acquaintances to help you and also post the ad. However, if you are a large company who is looking for additional clients, a premium listing allows you well to increase profit.

To guess in advance the profitability of such investment is almost impossible. Try each method separately and look at the result. If the cost is not only paid for itself but made profit, this way you can take on Board.

Practice shows that the best premium placement helps with the sale of goods. Physical items are more in demand than services. However, the sale and delivery of apartments in rent is also not inferior on this indicator. But this is an exception.