Hearing the phrase "He doesn't appreciate!", many people immediately begin to feel sorry for the poor girl and to condemn the cruel and ungrateful young man. But often the situation is not so straightforward. To understand the cause of the problem, analyze the behavior of each of the partners.
If you put your love above everything else and forget about dignity, man ceases to appreciate you. The words of the author of the popular psychological courses Ekaterina Prokhorova: "love yourself, you love others" in this case is highly relevant. Don't let anyone disrespect you and disregard. If the guy was joking on you inappropriately, spoke disparagingly about your views, and you are afraid or not able to answer him, just demonstratively leave the room. In any case do not suffer humiliation.
If the inner voice in a hurry to reason with you: "And if he won't come back, won't apologize? You can not be without him! Once you can forgive", and not succumb to emotions. There is a type of men who initially picks up a girlfriend with low self-esteem and asserting itself at the expense of the abuse of it. You don't want to become the "girl to beat".
There is another case. Your partner treated you well, fulfilled your every wish, but once you began to live together, the situation has changed dramatically. He was rude, callous, and cynical, from the former feelings are not gone. The fact that men are very afraid of losing his love. So while it is free from all obligations may leave at any time, to refuse him, the young man behaves perfectly. But once he realizes that the girl couldn't leave, becomes arrogant and tyrannical.
To avoid this fate and make the guy appreciate you, always remain to a certain extent independent, even if you live with her boyfriend or marry him. Around the take the measure. Be interested in his Affairs, but do not be pushy. Communicate with his friends, but don't go to all their meetings. Give your boyfriend the opportunity to enjoy fellowship in the company of men.
Always try to look good, to stay dignified and confident. Your young man must see that he has got a real treasure that should be valued and preserved.