The right to receive benefits is any family with three or more children, including adoptive, under the age of 18, the average per capita income does not exceed the minimum subsistence level. If the children are taught, the right to receive benefits is extended to 23 years. To receive benefits, parents must submit an application to the social protection bodies at the place of residence or registration. If the family income meets the specified conditions, parents are issued with a certificate of entitlement to benefits. This information is updated annually, because during this time, the family income may increase or any of the children become of age.
The size of the fixed benefits may also change depending on the level of inflation, budget status and other indicators of overall quality of life in the country. In addition, many benefits are provided at the expense of the local budget. Therefore, their procedure and the size can also be different for different municipalities.
For subsidies for payment of housing and communal services, and that at least 30%, some of the parents need to make a written statement about it to the authorities housing and communal services. As a confirmation of the right to such benefit, the application should make a copy of your passport, a certificate to the effect that the family is large and the certificate of entitlement to benefits. The same documents will be required when you make children in a day nursery, a kindergarten, a school, and to receive the benefits of travel in urban and suburban transport.
In addition, children from large families have the priority right to receive places in kindergartens, and if there are medical prescriptions in nursing homes, children's camps or other medical institutions.
Families with children are eligible for a loan at a reduced rate, in the case where they want to build or buy their own homes. This is a loan target – it can only be purchased building materials and equipment. Those families which need improvement of housing conditions, since the special expertise you can count on priority receipt of new apartments under contracts of social hiring. If desired, such a family can obtain a land area of not less than 15 acres for part-time farming or to use it for the garden or cottage.
Working parents are entitled to assistance in finding employment. This necessarily takes into account considerations of convenience of the location of the place of work, as well as the needs of the family. Children under the age of 6 medications may be provided free of charge, but students are entitled to two free meals and are provided with full uniform. Parents also receive a monthly monetary payment and compensation due to inflation.