Advice 1: How to play with baby 6 months

To six months the motor activity of the baby is growing, which means he may have to choose which toys to play with. If before the baby is satisfied with, that will give him mum and dad, but now he tries to reach or crawl to the bright multicolored ball or pyramid. In addition, up to six months, the baby just gazed at unfamiliar objects, and now they have become a source of manipulation.
How to play with baby 6 months
Parents in this period it is necessary to vary the exercises and games with your baby, because right now the child actively explores the world, learns to control his body and nearby objects. Kid at this age do not need a lot of toys usually are things that are in every home and which bring the child a lot of fun.
The most attractive for your new baby in the house, of course, the kitchen. The kids love the various pots, lids, containers. So don't deny her the pleasure. Well, if you have utensils with Khokhloma painting. She's harmless, durable, does not break during the fall. The kids love to Bang on the plate with a spoon, as do mom and dad, send it in your mouth. To experience colors and sizes will offer the toddler a few plastic bowls or containers. Soon the baby will realize that the small bowl fits easily into a large. In a plastic bottle, you can pour the peas or beans, will make great maracas.
Another adorable children's place – bathroom. There you can get for a six-month crumbs lots of fun games. You can take two cups and show your toddler how the water poured from one to another, or to make holes with the cork from the bottle – get comfortable for baby pen lake. Of course, you can buy toys in the store. But the children quickly takes an interest in them, more children are attracted to things from the "adult world". Of course, funny rubber animals or figurines that stick to wet tiles, not to be redundant when bathing.
Six-month tot, can play roly-poly doll. It will arouse great interest among the crumbs, because the tumbler rings funny and always takes its original position. In addition, play with a child a rag doll. You can make yourself, but you can buy ready-made. Well, if it is made of fabrics of different textures to develop a tactful feeling of crumbs.
Games for a child six months of great diversity. Kid can jump on your lap to the beat of your favorite song or dance, being on hands. Importantly, it is the desire of parents to fill every day his crumbs of interesting events.
Games and activities with the child 6 – 9 months. Under the influence of the people around them have a child from 7 months to begin to form habits, inclinations, tastes. Therefore, for the proper development of the child adults should help children to understand the native language (name objects and actions in the environment, pictures, etc.), to teach the child to make contact with people, to contribute to the further development of his motor skills.

Advice 2 : How to deal with a month old baby

To the psyche of the child developing normally, it is necessary to communicate as often as possible already from birth. In the first month of life all information is perceived by the baby through intonation and touch. And only a small part of the child absorbs the visual, and in a blurred way, since without a clear vision.
How to deal with a month old baby
To correctly deal with the monthly child, you must know that he is able to perceive and feel in the first weeks after birth, and what actions parents can develop and strengthen his abilities.
With kindly contact and talk to the baby, sing him songs and tell short rhymes. Talk to the baby first at a distance, and then lean to his face. During intercourse go around the crib. The change of position and the sound from the different parties develop his focus, tracking, and localization of sound. Hang in the crib bright toys, but not multicolor. The abundance of flowers is perceived and heavier tires baby. You can hang toys with sound. It develops sight and hearing.
To awake time leave the child free of the handle. So it will happen faster adaptation to a new world and develop coordination and motor skills. In addition, the fold belt is useful for the skin. It has the effect of hardening.
Teach your baby from birth to personal hygiene, water treatment, gymnastics, sun and air baths. They are useful for both physical and mental health, as a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby. All their actions: cross-dressing, dressing, bathing and other procedures accompany the tender review.
Of great importance in physical and mental development of the child has massage. He looks more like touching and stroking. But this is enough to reduce stress hormones and stabilize his emotional state. In addition, your child will remember Mama's arms. This further strengthens the bond of the mother with child. To do this, as often as possible take the kid on hands. Press down to his chest. Allow me to do the same to dad. Soon the baby will begin to recognize the energy of mothers, fathers and strangers.
To fully develop the child's first month of life and over, impossible to choose one of several ways. Everything is important and in the aggregate.

Advice 3 : How to deal with a child 6 months

At 6 months, the child begins to control posture when sitting, stands up in his crib, holding onto the fence, crawls. Can manipulate two objects, is able to pass toys from hand to hand, learning to put objects into each other.
How to deal with a child 6 months
You will need
  • Good mood the baby calm and steady voice of my mother.
What educational games you can play with a six-month baby?

We must try to help him to consolidate the acquired skills and to acquire new games. The baby develops a simple game - follow, imitate in their actions adults. Take the rattle and you're gonna tell a simple motive, let the rattle in the child's hands, let them also try.
The child listens to the speech of adults, developing babbling sounds speaking. At this point sit, the child needs to see your lips, sing or say various syllables, short words: mA-mA, PA-PA, BA-BA, BA-BA, Ko-Ko, etc.
Sing songs and nursery rhymes that mention body parts. Think of exercises that would be mentioned part of his body - eyes, nose, hands, feet, and during the game, call them.
Play with baby game ""a Magpie"", "Ladushki", "Goat-horned", "birds flew".
Every game can be finished by clapping hands and joyful, "Hurrah!"
Play hide and seek with a light shawl. Cover the toy and ask: "Where's Bunny?", "Hurrah! Katyusha found a Bunny!". Cover your head, ask: "Where's mom?" "Hurrah! Katyusha found my mother!"
Show pictures to the relatives and say, "mommy, This is daddy's brother Roma".
Hang pictures depicting animals, geometric shapes, fruits, vegetables, and others. Consider them.
In 6 months the infant can engage in toy.

Sit with the baby on the floor, roll the ball, telling the poem "My cheerful ringing ball". Let him play with the ball.
Leaving the room, wave the child's hand, saying, "Bye!"
Teach child to say "Yes" by playing the elephant. Show toy elephant, and draw, as an elephant shakes his head up and down, up and down. In this case ask the question: "What says the Bishop?", and they themselves answer: "the Elephant says "YES" - up and down, YES up and down.
Put the legs and put the baby himself in the ankle. Take his arm or support for the elbows. 'S foot, tell nursery rhymes. During lessons with a child 6 months sing him more songs, tell poems.
Useful advice
Finishing any game, hug and kiss baby, do not forget to praise him.

Advice 4 : What games can you play with 8 month old baby

At the age of eight months baby can distinguish many of the objects surrounding it. He knows how to play with different things, toys, evaluating them, comparing the quality. As familiarity with the surrounding world and develop the mental abilities of the baby.
What games can you play with 8 month old baby
Wherever a child aged eight months, it tries to examine how a wider area. With any subject he is able to do for a long time, trying to explore it from many different angles, wave them in the air, to taste. The task of the adult is to try to familiarize the child with the properties of objects, learn to concentrate, to perform minor tasks.

What games can be offered eight-month-old child

"Ring the bell" - the child is given a bell and show you exactly how to call it. The tongue of the bell can be tied with colored ribbons, which are convenient to pull.

Haptic game in a small box, put the pieces different fabric, which will be interesting to touch. You can pick up pieces of hard matter, soft, silky, smooth, fur and so on. Include in the kit a piece of linoleum, a dense paper, the big stopper – removing items from the boxes, feeling them, the child learns to distinguish them tactile. During the game, talk to your child, call the objects that the child could get acquainted with the concepts of "smooth", "rough", "soft" and others.

Turn the toy - the child put the toy in an unusual position, for example, a doll – face down. If the child did not try to fix things, he should be supporting it.

To the palm of the baby, you can stick a piece of masking tape. Children with great interest off it and try to fit back in.

Games to improve coordination

The most famous of malyshovogo games – "okay". It can vary: patting hands, little hands is covered with a blanket. The children watched with interest as the hands disappear and appear again.

To roll the ball towards the adult pushing the ball encourages the child to bring him back the same way.

Pyramid – if a child is to show once on the rod wear rings, he will try to do it again and again. The task can be more difficult, swinging the rod from side to side – for this choose a pyramid with a semicircular base.

In a playful way the child can explain the many daily Affairs. For example, to teach a baby to use a Cup, show me how to feed her a Teddy bear, a doll and a dog. Kids usually try to repeat the actions of adult. These games are a good stepping stone before more detailed games with imaginary action, common among older children.

Children of any age interested in the process of cooking. Even a very small child can be involved in it. Tiny chef is awarded the pot, spoon, packets and tins of food. Copying my mother's actions, he will "shake out" the rice from a bag into the pot, stir with a spoon "mess."

Advice 5 : How to entertain 6 month old baby

On the sixth month of life the child begins to actively explore all that is happening around him. At this age walking in the street turn into an entertaining adventure and indoor activities and encouraging diversity of educational games.
How to entertain 6 month old baby?

Funny games

Six-month-old baby actively learn about the world. Often at this age there comes a turning point when mothers feel that games with favorite child moving to a new level.

Developmental coordination training – what you need 6-month-old baby. A great option would be a fun "birds flew". Its essence is simple enough – mom slowly tells to the child some tale about birds, and then raises his hands up and claps for the phrase "birds flew". Over time the baby learns to wait for this moment, in advance going to laugh and actively participate in the game.

Play "dad's shoulder" are guaranteed to delight the little fidgets. The father should have the child on his shoulders, holding him back, and slowly move around the room. So the child learns to better control his movements and maintain balance.

If the kid already knows how to crawl, before you can build him a fun obstacle course, put some pillows in pillowcases from colorful fabric. A baby who is still reluctant to participate in active games can be carried away by a ball, blocks, interactive toys and "talking" books.

Walking in the street

On the sixth month of life the child can already walk on the street during wakefulness, therefore, to diversify its activities include a trip to the Playground. Joint and swinging on the swings, first acquaintance with the hill in my mother's arms, the loud laughter of children – all this will cause the baby a lot of positive emotions.

A walk in the Park will also help to entertain the baby, because there is so much unknown things to him. Mom needs to not only show him the leaves and grass, but also to name each item, despite the fact that the child is not yet able to reproduce heard. To bring the campaign of bright colors, can be bound to a wheelchair a balloon, he just will not let the kid get bored.

What toys to choose?

The sixth month of life – time for continuous study. The child may offer a toy with opening doors, mirrors, buttons, wheels, nasazhivaniya each other cups etc to pull himself experimented with them bent, bashed and thrown under the close supervision of adults.

Very often a six-month old children start to wonder "adult" toys, for example, the TV remote, cell phone and sunglasses case. Parents should carefully to see that he hasn't broke a thing and swallowed a small object.

Advice 6 : How to entertain baby 7 months

By 7 months of life a child becomes very inquisitive, he is interested in absolutely everything, but at the same time it is on anything can not concentrate, and Mama had to show all their imagination to find the kid interesting things
How to entertain baby 7 months
During the game a child of 7 months is not just fun, he perceives the world and learns to control his body. The task of parents is to interest the child in such activity that would have contributed to its development, and activities such really very much.

Painting finger paints

Among the games, the drawing finger paints has a special place, as it encourages development of fine motor skills, creative thinking, and memory. Best to buy a special paint intended for children up to one year. Their composition does not contain any harmful substances that could cause poisoning if swallowed. Practicing drawing with a child of 7 months, it is important to organize the workplace. It is most convenient to do on the floor or at a table for feeding. If you are afraid that the baby dry, the first lessons in the bathroom.

The molding of the dough

The development of up to a year must include class modeling, as they contribute to the development of fine motor skills, which in turn encourages earlier development of speech. Clay for kids 7 months is not suitable because of its hardness, and the dough is very soft and pliable. The dough can make your own from flour and water, but you can buy special modelling dough in the store. For a start, the child will be interesting just break the plastic mass into pieces, these pieces can be glued in a special album, filled into a painted jar or box. Show baby how to roll sausage, help him to repeat after you. Most importantly, make sure that the kid ate the dough and stick it in the nose or ear.

The Game "Sorter"

"Furby is a toy with holes of different shapes and accompany them molds. These toys are intended for children from one year, but with mom baby at 7 months too, can play with her. Call out each figure and pass to the child. The sorter can be bought in baby store or make it yourself. For the seven-month baby enough to take the tin can from under the dry milk mixture and do the cover the hole with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the caps from baby food. The child will be able to put the lids in the jar, they fall inwards with a loud sound, which will entertain the baby.

Picking up pyramids

At 7 months the baby can be familiar with the good old toy – pyramid. Sales are common pyramid with rings and pyramid cups, and other original interpretations of this wonderful educational toys.


Special books for babies – also great fun. Kids with great pleasure consider bright and interesting pictures. It is better to buy books with raised images, inserts of fabric and other materials, it contributes to the development of baby's tactile senses. Give traditional books is not worth it, seven kids tearing them in two accounts.
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