Parents in this period it is necessary to vary the exercises and games with your baby, because right now the child actively explores the world, learns to control his body and nearby objects. Kid at this age do not need a lot of toys usually are things that are in every home and which bring the child a lot of fun.
The most attractive for your new baby in the house, of course, the kitchen. The kids love the various pots, lids, containers. So don't deny her the pleasure. Well, if you have utensils with Khokhloma painting. She's harmless, durable, does not break during the fall. The kids love to Bang on the plate with a spoon, as do mom and dad, send it in your mouth. To experience colors and sizes will offer the toddler a few plastic bowls or containers. Soon the baby will realize that the small bowl fits easily into a large. In a plastic bottle, you can pour the peas or beans, will make great maracas.
Another adorable children's place – bathroom. There you can get for a six-month crumbs lots of fun games. You can take two cups and show your toddler how the water poured from one to another, or to make holes with the cork from the bottle – get comfortable for baby pen lake. Of course, you can buy toys in the store. But the children quickly takes an interest in them, more children are attracted to things from the "adult world". Of course, funny rubber animals or figurines that stick to wet tiles, not to be redundant when bathing.
Six-month tot, can play roly-poly doll. It will arouse great interest among the crumbs, because the tumbler rings funny and always takes its original position. In addition, play with a child a rag doll. You can make yourself, but you can buy ready-made. Well, if it is made of fabrics of different textures to develop a tactful feeling of crumbs.
Games for a child six months of great diversity. Kid can jump on your lap to the beat of your favorite song or dance, being on hands. Importantly, it is the desire of parents to fill every day his crumbs of interesting events.