In the cold season helps "freeze" the infected moths of products and items on the street during one day at -20 degrees. Summer — "vyzhivanie" under the scorching sun for several hours.

Fabric can be dipped in boiling water, ironed with a hot iron or steam.

Dry bulk products should be spread out on the sheet in a thin layer and placed for 20 minutes in the oven with a temperature of 60-7 - degrees.

The smell

In banks with products, you can put a clove of garlic.

In the apparel and kitchen cabinets are helpful to keep the bags of dried peel of citrus fruit, fragrant herbs, spices or sawdust of coniferous trees.

Good scare mol cotton pads soaked in essential oils, aromatic soap, old perfume bottles if you place them between stacks of clothes, in the pockets of clothing, shoes inside.

Access restriction

For moth crept to the dry bulk products should be stored in sealed cans or glass jars. Cap jars with products that without ventilation can become moldy, it is necessary to tie a cloth soaked in an acetic essence. Or pour the products into a linen bag, pre-soaking it with vinegar, and dry.

Things made of natural fabrics, fur products after socks need to be cleaned, spray perfume, dry, fold for storage in 2 plastic bags and tie them tightly or seal with tape.


In the kitchen, butterflies moths well "peck" on the sticky tape and houses the trap attracts insects with a pleasant smell.

In a wardrobe you can place the briquettes, plates and tablets on the basis of camphor, mothballs and other odor repellent or toxic to insects substances.

Clothing, carpets and furniture can be treated with special sprays for pests unpleasant aromas. There are also gels and aerosols for the treatment of the walls and shelves of cabinets based on dichlorvos and other poisons.

In the garden and in the garden

Early spring should carry out the spraying of Apple trees with solutions of Malathion, trichlorfon or other chemicals 2 times with an interval of 1 week. Further, the trees and the planting of cruciferous vegetable crops to process every 1.5–2 weeks natural extracts: 100 g of red pepper or tobacco dust, or 500 g of crushed leaves of tomatoes and 40 g of soap in a bucket of water.

Can be placed in the garden and hang them on the trees of containers with a viscous syrup, which will sink attracted by the smell of a butterfly.

Most importantly — clean

To prevent the appearance of moths needs to be swept out of the kitchen cabinets dust and spilled grain, to conduct an audit of inventory of products.

Storing clothes only washed — potiranie traces attract insects. Do not forget to ventilate and disinfect storage.

In the garden it is necessary to remove branches with the cocoons of the pest, collect the drops, burn last year's leaves, clean the trees from dead bark, moss, lichen (they have a mole hiding in the winter).

Under these conditions, the butterflies will find shelter in your possessions and go to find favorable conditions for reproduction elsewhere.