Why the cat's whiskers

Under the assumptions of the researchers, the mustache cat is charged with three tasks: the twilight vision, the function of warning and touch. The tips of the whiskers are very sensitive and instantly transmit information to the animal if something is affected. These organs of touch catch even the slightest movement of air, which is accompanied by the appearance of another animal.

If the cat is an urgent need to hide from the dog for example, and she's looking for a place to climb, she vibrissa estimate the size of the holes and understand whether they will be able to get through. However, home well-fed cats are unable to fully take advantage of this feature, as even the most chic and spreading their whiskers are not able to grow to the volume of the belly of the beast! So they often have to get the fat cats from where they tried to climb it, but got stuck.

The cat is well-versed in the dark. But it is a merit not only the eyes, to a large extent here help vibrissae. Small rodents - traditional production cats are going out for food most often at night. The day the cat will cope with the capture of a mouse and without a mustache, but in the dark vibrissae indispensable. With their help, cats not only see the rodent, but also feel the slightest movement pretending to be dead rats.

What are vibrissae, what if they cut

Vibrissae, or whiskers, the animal is a long sensitive tactile hairs that are tougher basic wool cover. Cat set of vibrissal consists of 24 movable hairs (on average) 12 pieces on each side. The roots of the whiskers are deep and are associated with the nervous system is much denser than normal hair bags.

If you cut the whiskers of a cat, it will lose part of its perfect navigation system. Night cat will not be able to be guided well in space, which is not good for her safety. Night vision of cats is not so absolutely, as is commonly believed, sharp thorns of plants, it feels! Without vibrissal your furry favorite can damage the eyes, nose, ears.

The vets suggest to keep cats at home while whiskers will not grow back. It is not recommended to do a permutation in the room as a cat without vibrissal will not be able to freely and safely hit to walk around the house.

Of course, nothing particularly wrong with what you cut whiskers the cat, may not happen. But why risk the health of the animal? Try to convey this information to children so they are not messing with scissors, playing hair salon with Pets.