Advice 1: Is it possible to trim cat whiskers

Chic cat whiskers often serve as objects of children's hairdressing experiments. Adults do not pay much attention to such things, because the animal is not wounded. But whiskers, or vibrissae, really need the cat!
Is it possible to trim cat whiskers

Why the cat's whiskers

Under the assumptions of the researchers, the mustache cat is charged with three tasks: the twilight vision, the function of warning and touch. The tips of the whiskers are very sensitive and instantly transmit information to the animal if something is affected. These organs of touch catch even the slightest movement of air, which is accompanied by the appearance of another animal.

If the cat is an urgent need to hide from the dog for example, and she's looking for a place to climb, she vibrissa estimate the size of the holes and understand whether they will be able to get through. However, home well-fed cats are unable to fully take advantage of this feature, as even the most chic and spreading their whiskers are not able to grow to the volume of the belly of the beast! So they often have to get the fat cats from where they tried to climb it, but got stuck.

The cat is well-versed in the dark. But it is a merit not only the eyes, to a large extent here help vibrissae. Small rodents - traditional production cats are going out for food most often at night. The day the cat will cope with the capture of a mouse and without a mustache, but in the dark vibrissae indispensable. With their help, cats not only see the rodent, but also feel the slightest movement pretending to be dead rats.

What are vibrissae, what if they cut

Vibrissae, or whiskers, the animal is a long sensitive tactile hairs that are tougher basic wool cover. Cat set of vibrissal consists of 24 movable hairs (on average) 12 pieces on each side. The roots of the whiskers are deep and are associated with the nervous system is much denser than normal hair bags.

If you cut the whiskers of a cat, it will lose part of its perfect navigation system. Night cat will not be able to be guided well in space, which is not good for her safety. Night vision of cats is not so absolutely, as is commonly believed, sharp thorns of plants, it feels! Without vibrissal your furry favorite can damage the eyes, nose, ears.

The vets suggest to keep cats at home while whiskers will not grow back. It is not recommended to do a permutation in the room as a cat without vibrissal will not be able to freely and safely hit to walk around the house.

Of course, nothing particularly wrong with what you cut whiskers the cat, may not happen. But why risk the health of the animal? Try to convey this information to children so they are not messing with scissors, playing hair salon with Pets.

Advice 2 : How to cut long hair

Beautiful and healthy long hair is the best decoration for any woman, and especially advantageously they look in the case, if hair is provided by constant and regular maintenance, including periodic visits of a stylist in order to give shape to the hairstyle with haircuts. There are many haircuts for long hair that will highlight your strengths and help create a neat hairstyle tailored to your individual circumstances. How to cut long hair?
How to cut long hair
Depending on whether you are the owner of thin and straight hair, or thick and lush hair, you suit different hairstyles. Thin hair can be magnificent, if you cut them with a ladder, using thinning shears, and smooth special plate.
In addition, in the case of thinning hair to achieve the effect of hair, if you cut them in two layers – the bottom layer needs to be longer and the upper shorter, lying on the lower layer.
Long straight hair can be worn with a neat parting, and it is possible to cut thick straight bangs ending at eyebrow line – this will give your hair the originality and variety to the usual way.
Clear and smooth lines also remain trendy and attractive hairstyles for long hair. These lines were straight and oblique bangs, smooth and sharp lines of cuts without using the "ladder" and the cascading strands. The original effect can be achieved if the different strands to cut smooth slices at different heights.
All of these techniques involve cutting or otherwise cutting a sufficient amount of hair due to the different length of the strands, and not always suited to owners of very long and thick hair who do not wish to cut to reduce their length. If this is your case, then you can use a variety of styling products, Curling irons or straightening irons for the formation of beautiful curls and the neat edges of the hair and trimming of the cut hair in a straight or oval lines.
If you don't want to go to a stylist and think that you can trim the hair yourself, you need a good sharp pair of scissors and a comb with teeth of different thicknesses, and a large mirror. Before cutting be sure to wash your hair, dry hair and carefully comb them.
Then lightly moisten hair with a spray bottle and cut 2-3 inches on the main line. Even if you want to cut a longer length, do not just drop it completely – cut off the length in several stages, in the process of controlling the resulting outcome.

Advice 3 : How to cut the cat

Cat - a decoration of any house. However, sometimes Pets manage to decorate your house not so much her presence, how many drop-down wool. Suffer from this carpets, upholstery, and clothing the owners. So often in their head the thought creeps in to make a favorite animal seasonal haircut. Usually the peak of the moult is in January and April, it was at this time in savage beauty builds up a long queue of disgruntled owners. In hairdressing to calm animals often used in anesthesia. So more than twice a year led pet are not recommended. Otherwise it may do harm to his health. But to cut the cat you can at home.
beautiful cat - trimmed cat
You will need
  • Better than mowing alone. In addition, you will need clippers or scissors, and comb.
Wear clothing in which you will cut your cat. It should not be open, otherwise bursting, the animal can be scratched.
Call cat and ask your assistant to hold it tight. In the case of extreme aggression, you can call the vet and ask him to make the animal a sedative.
Now take the clippers and start shearing. Sometimes stop and pet the animal to calm down.
It is better to choose the nozzle 2-3 mm, previously to get rid of tangles with scissors. Many owners choose to shave cats "beneath the lion". In this case, the hair on the body of the animal remains only on the head, lower legs and tip of tail. However, you can try another technique.
Be careful, don't cause the cat pain. Otherwise, the second time this execution he does not agree.
After cutting need to wash the cat. Residues of hair can cause itching and irritation on the skin. Reassure your pet. Feed him and cuddle him.
The good master grooming cat takes about half an hour. However, at home this procedure takes at least an hour or hour and a half.
Useful advice
To accustom a cat to grooming and combing is essential in early childhood.
Sometimes in order to calm the cat, the owners give them Valerian.

Advice 4 : How to cut York

If you are the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier, then you know that grooming this kid takes a lot of time and effort. For example, every week the dog should be bathed, the hair they have very long and naughty. Constantly have to trim it and comb. Of course, the easiest way to do this in the cabin, where it cut professionally. But if you are getting together with your pet to participate in exhibitions, you can try to cut your friend.
How to cut York
Method 1.
Gently comb your hair and trim split ends with scissors. Take the clippers and trim her hair on the top of the ear about a third, with both external and internal. The rest of the fur trim with scissors.
The triangle on the nose cut short. Obligate fur under the tail. Paw pads trim, leaving the wool length about half a centimeter.
Method 2.
Fully trim under the tail, leave it there fur length of 0.5-1 cm, Take the machine and use it to trim the neck and body. The wool in these places Express the length of 1,5-2 cm Now trim the belly, the area between the front legs and throat, also leave the wool length 1.5-2 cm. Now take the scissors and trim the hair on the tail.
Using scissors trim the hair on the top of the hind legs. Bottom wool obligate so that she was on the floor. In the same way and trim the front paws, the fur on the paws Express with a length of 0.5 cm.
Use a scissors and comb to trim the hair over the eyes, trim the head so that it took a rounded shape.
The triangle on the bridge of the nose short cut – so the eyes in dogs will get sick and become inflamed. Briefly trim the top of the ears on both sides.
Method 3.
The area around the tail trim, leave a coat length of 0.5-1 cm With scissors obligate the hair on the body, it must remain a length of 3-4 cm.
Cut the hair on the chest and the neck of the dog to the mandible. Scissors obligate fur on the tail to the length you need. With scissors trim the top of the rear paws. Leave it hair length of 2-3 cm.
Wool in the bottom of the legs align to the floor, and the hair on the pads leave a length of 0.5 cm in the Same way and trim the front legs. Briefly trim the top of the ears.
In that case, if you make dog bows, hair from the ear to the eye gather in a ponytail and a little prune. Moustache and beard comb down and trim.
In that case, if you are not confident in their abilities, better consult a specialist to your dog then do not have to be ashamed of his ugly hair. Good luck to you and your pet!

Advice 5 : How to trim the tips

Split ends of hair are able to spoil the impression of the most beautiful hairstyles. To get rid of them in the cabin. However, this may not always be so. You can try to cut hair yourself. Please be sharp scissors and a mirror and start. The main thing – not to hurry and to act carefully.
How to trim the tips
You will need
  • - sharp scissors;
  • a large mirror;
  • comb with a few teeth;
  • - elastics and barrettes for hair;
  • - spray bottle with water.
The easiest way to trim the ends of the bangs. Moisten the hair with water spray and carefully comb them. Cut carefully, trying not to remove the excess, holding the scissors parallel to the floor. Start with the Central part, last of all trim edges. Note that once dry, the bangs will appear shorter.
Not too thick, long straight hair cut the same way. Comb them out, sprinkle with water and divide parted in the middle. Transfer half of the hair on his chest and once again comb. Neatly trim the ends, coordinating their movements in the mirror. For thick and wavy hair, this method will not work. Cut no more than a centimeter, otherwise it will be difficult to align the line.
More lush hair trimmed otherwise. Comb them, moisten with water and collect into a high ponytail at the crown with a rubber band. Transfer it on the face thoroughly and comb again. About the necessary strands can be moistened. Gather the ends of hair, holding them just above the line of the intended cut of his left hand. Cut them in chunks, keeping the scissors straight and parallel to the floor. Release the tail, comb it again and again gather tips of your fingers. Check out whether the individual hairs. Discovered uneven just trim it with scissors. Clear hair elastics – they will fall easy natural cascade.
If you need to cut the ends with curly, try another method. Divide that parted in the middle, comb it out and moisturize. Kill the bulk of the hair, separating it from the narrow strand on the side. Cut the tips of one centimeter, holding the scissors straight. Make sure that the individual hairs do not stick out, and the cut turned out neat. Separate from the General mass of hair, one strand. Hold it between the index and middle fingers of the left hand and cut the ends of new strands, focusing on the length of the previous one. So treat all the hair. Cropped locks immolate, so they don't interfere with work. When finished, remove the pins and comb your hair – they will look natural and the curls will hide possible defects of work.
Is the advice useful?