Many owners of cats and cats with experience believe that a special need nail trimming have a four-legged pet no. Common opinion is that an adult male cat (cat) itself in the process of the festivities grind your claws. Thus, the nails need shortening only when strongly grow and will cause discomfort to the animal.
So pay attention to your four-legged pet: how long his claws are, if they are interfering with him in the movement. Constantly moving, a kitten can indeed erase claws. Another thing is that kittens, unlike adult individuals are not so active or are in the active phase occasionally.
The most appropriate tool for trimming the claws of kittens are guillotine cutters. This thing sold today in almost all major pet stores. In addition to the pliers I have at hand and a make files.
To clip the nails of the kitten can be alone. The process of strigamia claws painless for the animal. The main thing is not to cut the claw very deeply to the base – so there is a risk to cause the cat injury.
During haircuts adult cats are advised to remove the nail deep, a small part. It is also for kittens, with the only addition that the claws of kittens (even otrashenie) is much less than in adult animals, and therefore cut them it is necessary very accurately, without the risk of hurt the blood vessel inside the claw.
The procedure itself is very simple. Perhaps the most difficult moment is to get a kitten to release the claw. This is for the thumb to move the skin over the claw, and the bottom to push the index finger on the foot pad.
Claw ostregheta only perpendicular. Make no oblique or diagonal cuts! First, you can touch the vessel inside, and, secondly, the claw may grow back incorrectly, which will lead to various unpleasant consequences.
Concluding the work on the "pedicure" my baby, walk around and even claws with a nail file. It might be nice to have a little disinfecting, treating the nails with hydrogen peroxide.